Scouting Joe Mixon: Process features 15 pre-draft visits

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This was a busy week for Joe Mixon.

Just like last week was and next week will be.

The former Oklahoma running back will have visited five teams this week alone, and he’s scheduled to visit 15 — or nearly half the league — before the April 27 to 29 draft, his agent told Pro Football Talk. This process was to be expected given Mixon punched a woman hours after his 18th birthday in 2014, an act that was caught on video and released to the public last December.

Mixon has expressed regret, but he is still answering for the incident.

He was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine in February. He’s been lowered on teams’ draft boards, if not removed entirely. Most recently, reports seem to surface daily regarding his latest team visit; the Buccaneers, Browns and Saints were among the five this week.

Amid it all, missing the combine may have benefited his client, Peter Schaffer said.

It not only allowed Mixon more time to train for his March pro day but shielded him from an environment that prohibits teams from interviewing a player longer than 15 minutes at a time. Because Mixon was absent, any team looking to sit down with him truly had to invest the time.

“No speed dating,” Schaffer said. “And really, how much can you get to know someone in 15 minutes. It forced everyone to bring him in. Everyone who has brought him in has remarked how remorseful he is about what he did when he was 18 … and that he’s deserving of a second chance.

“(This many visits) is clearly not efficient and (consumes) a lot of time. But at the same time, it’s important to have it. It’s a blessing for any player to get considered for the draft. Along with that blessing comes hard work.”

That includes physicals.

Each team that’s hosted Mixon has elected to perform its own. So, that amounts to 15  sets of X-Rays in a matter of a few weeks — and the radiation exposure accompanying them. Radiation exposure amounts vary based on which body part is examined, and that risk often can be overstated. Still, it speaks to the thoroughness of each visit. One team offered to share its imaging results with other teams, but there have been no takers thus far, Schaffer said.

Fifteen sets of flights, physicals and hotel stays are part of the bed Mixon made for himself.

They will continue, his visit tour scheduled to conclude next week.

The Bengals, Broncos, Chargers, Packers and Raiders are among the other teams who reportedly have hosted Mixon at their facility.

10 responses to “Scouting Joe Mixon: Process features 15 pre-draft visits

  1. The more people watch that video, the more teams realize that Mixon was the one who got attacked. He could go late in the first round. Just win baby!

  2. Okay, I’m officially old I guess. I happen to believe that everyone makes mistakes and we all deserve a second chance but sometimes the crime committed should have long lasting repercussions like disqualifying a person from playing in an elite league like the NFL. These guys have to know that behavior like this will kill any chance they have of reaching the NFL and reaping all the rewards that it brings. By looking the other way we are telling these young men that it doesn’t matter what the hell you do if you can play ball at a high level.

  3. The 49er’s just released Tremaine Brock for hitting a woman. So how can Joe Mixon even be drafted. If he is that team and the NFL are a bunch of hypocrites. While not a Patriots fan, I admire their stance here and will root for them if my team gets eliminated.

  4. Surely the NFL should offer any prospect the opportunity to have such x-rays and other scans carried out centrally and then teams can request such information in advance of a visit.

    Having multiple x-rays in such small amounts of time can’t be overly healthy for anyone.

  5. glad he’s getting his opportunity to continue with his life. its ashamed that female will get ultimately end up getting a nice chunk of his earnings though.

  6. I’m happy for him he made a mistake when he was young, hell we all make mistakes an he deserves a 2nd chance.

  7. Mixon is being looked at by (at least) half the league, but only one team would be criticized for drafting him. The Bengals.

  8. Oh, good grief.

    Seriously, you are more concerned with how much radiation a guy with a horrible temper and shattered a girls face is exposed to?

    Good Lord.

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