Tebow shrugs off home run as “just one day”


The headline was Tim Tebow’s two-run opposite-field homer in his first minor-league at bat, an outcome he didn’t even realize until after he’d arrived running at second base, stopped, and then began the trot to third and home.

After the game, which also included three strike outs in four subsequent at bats from the former NFL quarterback, Tebow was pragmatic.

“I know so many people want to sensationalize it,” Tebow said, via USA Today. “But for me, it was just one day. One opportunity – the first of a lot of games.

“It’s never as good as it seems. It’s never as bad as it seems, right? You can go from a first at-bat home run to striking out. Don’t get caught up in the little things, the things people are saying when I leave here, and social media, or whatever y’all write. No offense, but I won’t read it.”

The 8,412 fans who showed up for the game didn’t need to read about it. They witnessed the home run, along with the four subsequent failures to get a hit. But they’ll remember the home run, in the same way that football fans remember the touchdowns and not the various others passes that skip, bounce, or sail over the heads of their intended targets.

15 responses to “Tebow shrugs off home run as “just one day”

  1. Wow, such a logical, rational comment made by one of the most polarizing sports figures in the last decade. I’d rather stir up the Tebow drama every summer than spen 1 single day discussing Colin Kaepernick and his lack of employment. Speaking of which, Tebow experienced similar highs during his career as Kap has, yet he manned up and FOUND a job when nobody came calling. Oh wait, I forgot, Tebow white, and Christian, he doesn’t count…

  2. And now all of the Tebow only fans will claim he’s better than Mike Trout, and that everyone in the Mets organization is jealous of Tebow and his accomplishments, which is why he’s not in the majors right now…

  3. Whether you like Tebow or not, he’s doing his own thing and downplaying the relevance. Too bad other athletes can’t do the same.

  4. @atwatercrushesokoye says – “And now all of the Tebow only fans will claim that…everyone in the Mets organization is jealous of Tebow”

    Name any one person you know who is a “Tebow only fan”. Sounds like you’re the one who is jealous of Tebow.

  5. That 200 avg and strikeout ratio should get him a call up any day,let’s not forget that cannon of arm he can almost get the ball to 2nd on 2 bounces …wait haven’t we seen that part before?

  6. Throwing for 316 yards against the Steelers in his biggest game ever and then hitting a homer off the 666th drafted player in the 2015 draft in his opening at bat is ridiculously coincidental lol

    I love me some Tebow….such a humble dude who just puts his nose down and grinds.

    I can TOTALLY see being upset with the amount of coverage he gets, but anyone who has a problem with Tebow himself needs to look in the mirror.

  7. eagleslayer says:

    Let’s keep the media coverage rolling on a guy who clearly can’t play ANY sport.

    Yeah, anyone can win the Heisman, huh? You millennials are a weird generation.

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