Chargers should make a run at Richard Sherman

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As the trade talk involving Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman lingers, there’s one destination that makes too much sense to ever happen.

The Los Angeles Chargers.

Apart from the familiarity between Sherman and new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, Sherman is a Compton, California native whose presence would instantly boost the newcomers to L.A. in their competition for the hearts, minds, and wallets of the citizens of the City of Angels. In a sport that remains at its core an entertainment business, a significant potential benefit would come from marketing a great player with a dynamic personality in a major market that has gone from zero to two NFL franchise in the last 15 months.

So what would it take to get Sherman? The Chargers hold the 38th overall pick in the draft, which perhaps would get Seattle’s attention — especially if the situation has gotten to the point at which the Seahawks will simply take the best offer they can get.

Sherman surely wants to play for a contender. But if the Chargers are willing to extend his contract and pay him accordingly for the money he’ll help them make in L.A., maybe he’d be willing to take his chances in the final years of the Philip Rivers era, especially with guys like Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram forming the foundation of the team’s pass rush.

The bottom line on this one would be the bottom line, however. The Chargers need to thrive financially in Los Angeles. Until they can develop superstars who will excite the local fan base naturally, it makes sense to find a way to import a superstar or two. Importing a superstar who grew up locally, who has as strong a following as any defensive player in the NFL, and who will make the team better will make him worth every penny and then some in the critical early years of the Rams vs. Chargers fight for L.A.

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  1. The cgargers need to rebrand immediately looks like charger fans will turn there backs why not rebrand to a totally different brand altogether get the newborns and the pre-teens and the ones who dont like the raiders but me i hate the chargers cuz i will follow the raiders across the nation…but i know the culture of l.a. and the only way to get them to be remotely in trested is to rebrand the chargers colors and all a complete makeover cuz people in L.A. are tough the Men so it better have a hip masculine brand or die to the raiders fanbase in las Vegas

  2. 38th with quality starter, might work. Not cheap when dealing with NFC West.

  3. The Chargers would have to swap #7 and #38 for Sherman and #26 for it to make sense. That would place Sherman’s value at about the 10th pick in the draft, and he’s actually better than any player in it. They’d also only be paying our $22.5 million over the next 2 years, instead of $19.665 over 5 for a guy who may not pan out. Works for both teams.

  4. So Sherman’s agents, Ben Dogra and Jimmy Sexton, are contacting friendly media and asking them to push for a trade to the Chargers with the idea that the Chargers must then pay Sherman extra for what he’d bring to an LA team in marketing benefits.

    That’s crazy. The agents for a very good CB who has past his peak (ages 24-27 is peak for CBs) are banking on the Chargers being stupid. But those agents are good at getting some friendly media outlets to push their desired narratives.

  5. The good thing is the Chargers won’t have to hire an offensive coordinator or team beat reporter with Sherman there.

  6. Raiders make more sense. Stanford guy, familiarity with Ken Norton, need local buzz to help minimize relocation fury, make a home run swing for a title in Oakland before they leave.

    Make it a package deal with Marshawn.

  7. Why? Seattle’s asking price is too high and Sherman’s salary is also high. Plus he’s going to want a new contract, if not this year then certainly next year and he’s going to want more than what he’s getting now. He’s only good when he has a good defense around him to cover for his penalties and lapses in coverage. Is he good? Yes. He’s not worth mortgaging your future for someone who is nearing the back end of his career.

  8. Seattle put up with Sherman while he was in his prime. Who is going to want to deal with him past his prime? Like T.Owens at some point it just becomes sad.

  9. imo the Chargers should have went after someone like Alshon. I think a number 1 WR for Rivers would be a bigger upgrade for them. Keenan is good but can’t stay healthy and their D is underrated.

  10. The Chargers will be the Clippers of the NFL. The 90’s Clippers.

  11. Cornerbacks are important, but don’t put butts in the seats. Sherman would not be afraid to call out cheapskate Dean Spanos. This seems like a bad idea.

  12. They should also get Earl Thomas.
    Sherman won’t be anything if all he has is to grab the receiver all the way down the field.
    Sherman is nothing without Thomas.

  13. Seattle wants a high pick and a young player. A 2nd round pick and Jason Verrett matches that, if Seattle is okay with a tiny corner. Maybe get real crazy and have it be a 2nd, 4th, Hunter Henry for Sherman and Jimmy Graham. Rivers isn’t going to last forever. Sherman may be at his peak but he’s still going to be a top guy then next 3 years or so.

  14. I like the idea of packaging Jimmy Graham with him. Certainly would be good for Chargers offense and Jimny’s stats, and Seattle could move on from a “better than Percy Harvin but nothing like Marshawn Lynch” gamble they made.

  15. Winning puts butts in seats. Chargers need a nose tackle, Oline help and a 1A receiver to complement Keenan Allen, who is excellent but unlucky when Rivers is forced by non-existent pass blocking to dump off to his best receiver across the middle. Expensive aging corners are a luxury.

  16. Spanos would have to take a loan to pay the salary and I’m sure Sherman would just love to play in a full capacity stadium of 27,000

    The chance of this happening is slim and none and slim just walked out the door

  17. That or the Chargers could:

    1-draft, Adams or Lattimore or Hooker or Conley
    2-take the best O-lineman available at 38
    3-keep the starter Seattle would demand in the trade
    4-let Settle keep Sherman’s high priced salery and attitude

    You get fans by winning games not with personalities
    *proof = Bellacheat

  18. Logically, this makes zero sense. Why on earth would the Chargers trade for a 29 year old CB, who makes $11 mil per, who may not be elite in two years time, when they already have two excellent starting CBs? Being from Compton won’t help the Chargers sell tickets either. The Chargers could use help elsewhere (hello o-line!).

  19. The Chargers need to fix their offensive line. Their secondary, is well, secondary.

    Not that I care what this team does since they bailed on San Diego. I hope they go 0-16 for the next fifty years. Me bitter? Yup. Will I ever get over it? Nope. Will I watch the NFL anymore? Nope. Just kind of bored and felt like responding.

  20. Sherman to LA is an awesome idea! If you think he was acting stupid in Seattle, just picture him freaking out on the Chargers side line pulling out his dreads in anger while screaming at the coaching staff. Take him off of a decent superbowl contender and stick him on a annual underachieving team that should be enough to drive the guy nutzo. Sherman said that the game wasn’t fun anymore…this would be fun, for us fans.

  21. – Will he be happy playing nickel?
    – Can he play safety?
    – Funny, I haven’t heard anything about Bradley wanting Sherman.

  22. You are advocating the chargers choosing money and popularity over trying to rebuild and get better. Smh

  23. 1) The Chargers need to rebuild, so why would they give up draft picks?

    2) Sherman is getting older and beginning to decline.

    3) Sherman is making a lot of money, though maybe not top 5 money.

    For a rebuilding team that has bad records year over year, why give up a draft pick on an expensive and declining vet who will be gone or less valuable in a few years?

    Sounds like a typical deal for the Chargers, I hope they make the trade 🙂

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