Timmy Jernigan: I’ve been waiting to play in a defense like this

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Defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan is just starting to get familiar with the Eagles after coming to the team in last week’s trade with the Ravens and his first impressions are good ones.

Jernigan has spoken to defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz about his plans for Jernigan’s role in an attacking defense that’s different from the ones he’s played for in the past.

“I’ve been waiting to play in this type of scheme for a while,” Jernigan said, via the team’s website. “Being at Florida State for a couple years, we were more of a read [defense] there, then I went to Baltimore and we read a little bit there. Last year in Baltimore we started attacking a little bit more and I had my best year, so it’s going to be exciting.”

Among the other things Jernigan has noticed about the Eagles already is the presence of Fletcher Cox at defensive tackle. Opposing offenses pay a lot of attention to Cox as well, something that should give Jernigan chances to win one-on-one battles over the course of the season.

Jernigan is set to be a free agent after the 2017 season, something he said he’s not thinking about at this point but winning those battles should pay off with a nice new deal in Philly or somewhere else by the time April 2018 rolls around.

14 responses to “Timmy Jernigan: I’ve been waiting to play in a defense like this

  1. Oh please. Really good players make plays. Timmy doesn’t. Quit making excuses. If the Ravens thought you had it in you they wouldn’t have gotten rid if you.

  2. To be honest I don’t know anything about him, except the videos I’ve watched of him since the Eagles traded for him, but he looks strong, and fast off the line. Hope this works out!

  3. Sounds good but please explain how ya managed to disappear the last half of the season, managing only 7 tackles in the last 8 games…oh and not to mention poorly timed penalties, yeah you were definitely good for those

  4. Ray Didinger insisted on air yesterday that this is a really good signing for the Birds.

    However, I promise you, that if Jernigan doesn’t work out, Ray will be on the air this time next year killing Roseman for signing him.

    All the while, he will sound reasoned and measured in his criticism of the signing, just like he sounded reasoned and measured in his praise of it yesterday.

    In the end, I have to wonder why the Ravens were so willing to let him out the door for so little.

  5. Looking at this trade I think it’s a win win for both squads.

    The eagles wouldn’t find a talent like Timmy at 74 and especially not one who’s ready to play now. Plus they still get the 99th overall pick to develop should Timmy not work out on essentially a one year lease.

    The Ravens on the other hand couldn’t pay him after devoting so much money to Brandon Williams this offseason so there’s no way he wouldn’t walk next year. Plus they get to see what they have in younger d linemen like Carl Davis and Henry, not to mention Michael pierce, all of whom have more years on their respective contracts.

    So essentially the Ravens got their comp pick early for Timmy, the eagles got a motivated player who fits their scheme and is better than anyone else at that point in 2017 and still can develop someone long term with the 99th pick

  6. ‘never made a play of any significance’

    I’d argue intercepting Ben Roethlisberger as a defensive tackle is significant

  7. anyone claiming this guy not to be a bust, simply
    has no idea what they are talking about whatsoever

    never made a play of any significance

    4 5

    Your opinion is worthless considering it’s blinded by your Patriot homerism. There are decent players in the NFL that don’t player for the Cheetahs…if you would only look with an unbiased lens…otherwise you are just a hating troll.

  8. So, you left a team that was the #1 ranked defense in the league, and will now play with one who has average at best players at pretty much every position….Good luck with that Timmy! LOL!

  9. tylawspick6 says:
    Apr 9, 2017 12:09 PM
    anyone claiming this guy not to be a bust, simply
    has no idea what they are talking about whatsoever

    never made a play of any significance

    I disagree. He made a significant play in that Patriots/Ravens playoff game 3 years ago. Remember, he was the Ravens defensive lineman who stuck his finger into Brady’s face mask and poked his eye. Of course he wasn’t punished by it. But that’s cuz he was a Raven (remember Brady’s bloodshot eye postgame, yeah, that was Timmy’s contribution, if you can’t beat ’em, injure them so they can’t beat you…)

  10. Can’t Pats fans just stick to their teams articles? Jernigan had a great start to his career and until Brandon Williams emerged shortly thereafter Jernigan was thought to be a guy that they wanted to build the D-line around in the future. I am actually a little surprised at the trade-I would think the feeling that Jernigan was not going to be affordable was pretty strong in Baltimore. The Eagles’ scheme is much different than anything I’ve seen him in so I am cautious, but the Eagles have done well with big DTs in that scheme in the past couple of years (Bennie Logan, Beau Allen, and of course Fletcher Cox), many of whom were playing in attacking 3-4s before. So this might work out pretty well for the Eagles, providing Jernigan doesn’t have some sort of injury or other unforeseen problem that caused Baltimore to trade him.

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