“50-50” open competition for Broncos at quarterback

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The Broncos have convened for the launch of the offseason program, and new coach Vance Joseph has reiterated that it’s a two-man competition for the most important job on the field — and that no one enters it with an edge.

It is open, guys,” Joseph said of the Trevor Siemian/Paxton Lynch battle. “50-50. It’s going to go down to the wire, I hope.”

Actually, going down to the wire could be a bad thing, since it will keep the eventual starter from getting enough reps as the starter, since the backup will be getting plenty of them, too. Which could set the stage for whoever wins to job to be the guy who has the privilege of losing it.

The good news for Siemian is that he’s been cleared to participate in the offseason program after shoulder surgery performed promptly after the season. That will give him a fair chance to compete; the real question is whether and to what extent the competition will tilt in the direction of Lynch, given what the Broncos gave up to get him.

The final decision will be largely subjective, and an added factor could be Lynch’s perceived ability to hit a higher ceiling if he has a chance to play. Sure, Siemian may be better at first since he started in 2016. But to fully develop Lynch, the Broncos will need to throw him into the fray and suffer through the short-term growing pains.

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  1. Siemian proved to be a gritty, serviceable qb last season and won the job hands down with no running game or offensive line.
    Lynch had two starts, played in a third game, and didn’t show much. Why does Siemian have to win the job again?

  2. Siemian proved to be a gritty, serviceable qb last season and won the job hands down with no running game or offensive line.
    Lynch had two starts, played in a third game, and didn’t show much. Why does Siemian have to win the job again?


    because they missed the playoffs after winning the super bowl the year before. I agree the o-line was maybe the worst position of players in the league and Siemian would probably do well if that was built up, but he couldnt make something out of nothing most of the time (he was also banged up pretty regularly)

    Lynch’s physical abilities makes him more promising to be able to deal with the bad o-line

  3. It is Siemian’s job to lose. Paxton would have to show up, and look like a completely different player (in a good way) to make them even think about making him the starter. They knew he was a project when they drafted him. I think at least another 1-2 years to develop will be needed. Until then he will hopefully be a capable backup.

  4. I think either one will do pretty well IF they can improve that awful O-line. I’m just happy that they didn’t waste time and money on Romo.

  5. Siemian played well last year under the circumstances. He still just has that “7th round” stigma which I don’t get because he really proved that he was a leader and pretty tough last year. From what I have read…..Siemian doesn’t have the physical ability that Lynch has but has the “intangibles” and the players love him. Lynch has all the ability in the world but is still acting like a kid and hasn’t shown he can settle down and learn the little things that make or break a QB. It will be interesting to watch in the pre season. They are both likeable guys with talent so its a good situation to be in.

  6. babygaga19 says:
    Apr 10, 2017 3:19 PM

    Siemian proved to be a gritty, serviceable qb last season and won the job hands down with no running game or offensive line.
    Lynch had two starts, played in a third game, and didn’t show much. Why does Siemian have to win the job again?

    Because Trevor was just okay, not great. Completed under 70% of his passes and we did not make the playoffs. Plus he has proven in College and the Pros he can not stay healthy.

  7. Elway has said that Lynch had the most potential of all the QB’s in last year’s class, thus Lynch will be granted every chance to take over. However Siemian got better last year too.

    While neither of these two is above average at the moment, I think the team has just cause for optimism — and tens of millions of dollars they almost gave to Osweiller.

  8. Quarterback competitions = No Quarterback

    Shame that great defense will go to waste just like the

    Ravens did during the Kyle ” PRO ” Boller Era.

  9. The big issue is that Lynch needs to mature emotionally. His focus and dedication last year was not impressive from various accounts. While Siemian, being the child of an ER trauma doctor showed serious dedication and calm.

    Last year I predicted on this site that Siemian would win the job as he had a better skill set than the former heir Osweiller. Look for Siemian to keep the starting job as Lynch will continue to struggle with the intricacies of the pro game, and a mediocre OL.

  10. Stupid. Broncos will be a worse team in 2017 because of this. Give the job to Siemian and let him continue where he left off in 2016. QB Competitions are never good. there are 27 or more NFL teams who know who there QB is! And your team is having a competition even though Siemian showed he has top 10 potential #RookieHC Mistake!!!!!!! #Defensive Minded!!!!!! #Just a Coordinator!!!

  11. Siemian was voted a mid season’s Captain last year by his teammates and he played solid. Great way to yank the rug from underneath his feet. Unearned favoritism will divide a locker room.

  12. If a first round pick you traded up for isn’t starting over a seventh rounder in his second year, the first rounder is a certifiable bust.

  13. Just to think Elway traded up in the draft for Paxton Lynch while Dak Prescott was still available. Not the first time Elway missed on a QB, remember he drafted Osweiler and Ronnie Hillman while Russell Wilson was still available in 2012 draft.

  14. Yeah, and I remember Jerrah crying in his war room when Elway moved up and blocked him from Lynch and the Raiders did the same with Cook. Zak was Jerrah’s closing time pick. He turned out to be tremendously lucky. Every squirell finds a blind nut.

  15. As many people like myself said last season, the QB position isn’t plug and play, and by the end of the 2016 season, Bronco fans were booing the offense, and Denver missed the playoffs.

    “Serviceable” QB play won’t get it done in today’s NFL, and we have no idea if Sieman or Lynch have what it takes. The Broncos are in trouble if they fail to address this problem.

  16. Both guys should develop into star QBs. The Broncos are always going to be well stocked at the most important position on the field, as long as John Elway is around. I don’t think the Broncos went into last year’s draft expecting to take a QB, but when Lynch slipped down, the Broncos had to grab him. They might have had him rated as the highest player overall.

  17. Greatest take on here I have read in a month is…

    by ryanc2015:

    “50-50. That is what the Broncos record will be with either of these 2 guys.”

    IT’s so simple, yet so complete. Brevity. The True lost art. Thank YOU, Sir. And good night, now.

  18. I don’t understand, after 2015 season the Panthers and Broncos fans assured us all that they were not flukes or one-year wonders. From reading this article, I think maybe they were lying to us after all.

  19. Tell us Bronco fan, how does it feel going into the season with the worst QB in the division?
    …and that is saying something in a division with Alex Smith.

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