All players present for start of Rams’ offseason program


The Rams kicked off the first offseason training program of the Sean McVay era, and all players were present and accounted for.

“There was full attention, guys were locked in, they were engaged, they were ready to go, we had everybody there,” McVay told reporters. “I think it was definitely, exactly the way that we wanted to come off as a coaching staff. Really right now, it’s about building relationships with these guys. We got a chance – within the framework of offense, defense and special teams – to just kind of get the general things. Offensively, we’re talking about our style of play, our approach. Then we’re introducing formations, motions, and personnel groupings to the skilled players. It’s very early in the process. We’ve got some time right now, so we want to make sure we do a great job establishing a foundation so that it can be conducive for that long-term success. But I think today went as well as we could’ve hoped and looking forward to tomorrow already.”

The Rams are setting an altruistic tone for 2017, with T-shirts that declare, “We Not Me.”

“It’s always going to be about the team,” McVay said when describing the choice in attire. “All the decisions that we want to make are going to be from a standpoint of what’s in the best interest of the team, before any personal agendas and that’s what we want to embody as a coaching staff and with our players as well.”

It’s the right attitude, but it will take more than attitude to turn around a team that is still trying to establish a foothold in Los Angeles, especially with the Chargers now in town.

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  1. I can’t believe that kid is an NFL head coach. He looks like he should be doing a keg stand at a frat party.

  2. The attitude is great however talent, or lack thereof, is going to be the judge. This team lacks overall talent and you have no idea what you have at quarterback. If everything goes right, 7-9. If it goes wrong 3-13.

  3. We not me T-shirts seems a bit immature. If I were a vet I’d be rolling my eyes a bit even if I were a good attitude player.

    Harbaughs blue collar work shirt with the name patch, now that’s the way to relate to men.

  4. Listen. The Chargers logically cannot establish a foothold in Los Angeles. It was a mistake to go play in LA now. And this is why:
    NFL stadiums can hold 55 to 80k people. The average size is around 65k per stadium. The Chargers will playing in a 30k seat soccer stadium for 2 years. In contrast Qualcomm stadium could seat nearly 71k As this is less than half the size of an average stadium, the team will be forced to double its prices to avoid a significant reduction in revenue. That means if it costs $1000 dollars for a family of 4 to attend a Rams game, it will cost $2000 dollars to attend a Chargers game. LA does have some more affluent people but why pay twice as much to see the Chargers? The team has no roots to the city and the people owe no loyalty to the team. Right now LA is comprised of casual football fans and casual fans will not pay twice as much as everyone else to see a team. On the surface this is a huge mistake. The Chargers had to pay 550 million to relocate and are making half their annual revenue for two years (realistically it will probably amount to 75-85%). Still this is a huge loss of revenue. For 550 million the Spanos’ family could have renovated Qualcomm Stadium and not have been forced to take massive annual revenue reductions. I’m sure they even could have worked out a deal with the Padres to play in PetCo Park if needed. Now the real kicker is that the Chargers have to turn 30k people into 80k people for Kronke’s new stadium. This is not feasible. The Spanos family should be forced to sell the team for this gross ineptitude. Regardless the Chargers moving to LA is one of the most idiotic decisions from a financial perspective.

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