Carlos Hyde, NaVorro Bowman: Kaepernick should have a job

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More than a month into the first free agency of his career, quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues to be unemployed. On Monday, two of his former teammates in San Francisco expressed surprise about that.

“I’ve seen some quarterbacks who got signed that, in my opinion, Kap is way better than,” 49ers running back Carlos Hyde told reporters on the first day of offseason workouts, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “But, you know, I’m not a G.M. I’m not a head coach. So that’s out of my league.”

Linebacker NaVorro Bowman linked the situation to Kaepernick’s 2016 anthem protests.

“I think he’s proven that he can play at this level,” Bowman said. “He’s made a choice that’s kind of had a little backlash from it. But I think he’ll be fine. Someone will give him a job. He’s not like a bad guy or anything. So I think that’s what matters in the NFL, if you can play level and your character is great. So I wish him the best.”

As each low-level journeyman gets a job, Kaepernick’s status becomes more glaring. But while the report from two weeks ago that Kaepernick wants $9-10 million per year and a chance to compete for the starting job was inaccurate because no talks with any teams have ever gotten to that point, it’s a given that Kaepernick wouldn’t be interested in the lower-level slots given to guys like Matt McGloin in Philadelphia (behind Carson Wentz and Nick Foles) and T.J. Yates in Buffalo (behind Tyrod Taylor and competing with Cardale Jones).

Still, in a league where there aren’t enough good quarterbacks (or bad ones) to go around, Kaepernick’s status becomes more confounding with each passing week — and with the periodic arguments floated by some in an effort to attribute Kaepernick’s status to something other than his non-football activities from last season.

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  1. The market for QB’s say no, no he shouldn’t.

    His performance both last year and the year before say nope.

    MAYBE a cheap backup somewhere on a prove it contract.

    Dude is done is my guess.

    Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

  2. This will always be about his commitment to the craft. GM’S want QB’S who eat, sleep and breathe football. Kap doesn’t do that. Combine that with his recent production and his controversial stances in regards to the Police, Fidel Castro and the National Anthem and teams aren’t CURRENTLY willing to give him a shot. Might be different after OTA’S and the draft.

  3. He sure should. His job should be to inform family members of their fallen soldiers, fighting and dying for his right to protest, and then hand them The American Flag.

  4. AP is still unemployed. He is 1000 times better and
    not a distraction to his future employer or locker room. Why don’t we read about that a dozen times a week or more?

  5. CK is good but nobody is that good. While I respect his right to protest violence there are limits and boundaries that should not be crossed.
    These players talk about “facing real bullets” or “going to battle with” this player or that player on Sunday but they don’t understand how they are dishonoring our soldiers in far away lands facing real bullets every day.
    I’d say let him sit out a year and learn to appreciate what he had and how easily it can be taken away.

  6. Kaep is not that good anymore, there is a general sentiment in the NFL among GM’s that you are better off cutting a guy a year too early rather than a year too late and in Kaep’s case, his last year was already a year too late.

    I’m willing to bet Starbucks will give him a job and allow him to kneel everytime they play the National Anthem in their stores, which is basically never.

  7. The red herring in all this is the National Anthem uproar because that actually has almost nothing to do with him being unemployed. He hasn’t looked good in a long time and dropped a ton of muscle weight on his weirdo diet. But instead of getting back into the weight room and showing he wants to bounce back he has lofty salary demands and keeps talking about stepping into a starting job.

  8. I agree Kaepernick should have a job. Give him a rifle and send him to the Middle East to fight for this country so he can learn what our National Anthem and our flag mean.

    I hope he never plays in the NFL again and I refuse to watch any game that he is a part of, even if it’s on the bench.

    I don’t hate anyone, but I come real close with Kaepernick.

  9. He should have a QB job ????????????
    Maybe so, however he made his bed, now sleep in it.
    He could have chosen a half dozen other ways to express his political opinion. Unfortunate for him he chose protesting our national anthem. A story how patriots fought to create this great nation, and what it stands for.
    Don’t EVER question the patriotism of us Americans.
    As far as I’m concerned , ………… go play in Canada bitch !

  10. Florio, it’s time you realize that Kaepernick IS a low level journeyman type QB. If he really would turn his nose at offers to compete to be the 2nd or even 3rd QB on a team then he’s got no one to blame but himself. He’s a late morning shadow of the guy who made it to the Super Bowl. He’s not a QB and he’s dragging around a ton of baggage. There’s no mystery as to why he isn’t on the field….or even on a bench.

  11. Hard to feel sorry for this guy. He chose to sit/kneel during the anthem for the *entire* season. People would have easily forgiven him if it were only a few games, but by doing it for the entire season he generated a sustained period of negative publicity for the league. Then, once he hit free agency, he finally decided to end the practice, obviously because he knew it would affect his marketability. I guess it wasn’t all about principles, after all. It was also his decision to opt out of his contract.

  12. I don’t know why we have to keep going through this. Joe Thomas said it best: Kaepernick is a backup at this point and the league will accept ZERO baggage from a backup.

  13. No owner of head coach is going to want the un-American Kaepernick to be the face of their franchise. They have to sell tickets.

  14. Cutler doesn’t have a job either. Neither does Adrian Peterson. In free agency, teams either pay big bucks or shop for bargains.

    For guys who will be in the middle like Kap and Peterson, teams tend to wait to see what they get in the draft before signing those types.

    Look how long it took the Jets to sign Fitzpatrick last year.

  15. How many NFL quarterbacks are out there looking for a job right now? A lot.

    The only reason people are saying “he should have a job” is because he took a knee, turning everything about himself into a faux racial issue. In the process, he polarized the NFL viewership badly, alienating a very large segment of fans.

    He’s now looking for a job, as a quarterback who’s not that accurate and who depends on his legs as much as his arm. Many teams aren’t really looking for a quarterback. Those who are are typically looking for quarterbacks for the long term (younger), or pocket passers. Why? Because quarterbacks who run out of the pocket a lot don’t last very long (e.g., RGIII).

    Combine that with the the preferences of some coaches (potential distraction in locker room and outside the lines not needed) and owners (this guy on the sidelines poses a serious risk of alienating our fans and actually reducing revenues), and it’s a no-brainer for perhaps all but 2 teams in the NFL.

    And those teams are also waiting to see what shakes out in the draft.

    Makes sense to me that no team has picked him up yet. And it isn’t a boycott thing either. Pure coaching and business decisions.

  16. Ummm…the reason Kaepernick doesn’t have a job is pretty simple. This is for all those precious little snowflakes out there that are and will always be clueless.

    1. Don’t crap where you eat.

    2. Do you job and don’t be dbag to the people around you.

    3. Nobody deserves squat, you work hard, try to be a good person, and then good things should happen to you. If you cause problems and then cry about being black balled because of your actions…”Bleep” you!

    Collin Kaepernick being unemployed is totally understandable and in my eyes are the repercussions of his actions. He made this bed and now he has to sleep in it…boo freakin’ hoo. Before I forget, didn’t Kaepernick cause all this nonsense and then turn around and opt out of his contract with the 49ers? What a dumb—.

  17. Kap is a better qb than Mcgloin and Yates. Unfortunately, his strengths aren’t enough to carry his baggage. In addition, he wants too much money. His combination platter of issues plus his salary requirements are why he remains unsigned.

  18. Did it ever occur to them that Kaep stinks? His antics have nothing to do with not getting signed. If he could ball, a QB needy team would put up with whatever he does off field, but he can’t start anymore in this league. He has his shot and once NFL defenses figured him out, he’s done.

  19. The problem is you know what kap is at this point. He can make plays with his legs and be an adequate passers for around 12 mil for a team that has a good running game and great defense. He isn’t a very good qb. He can’t read defenses very well and he is inaccurate throwing the ball. He showed the last 2 years what he is on a bad team. At least Tony Romo got the Cowboys to 8 and 8 most of the time when they sucked. The problem with kap being a backup is he dosnt fit the system most teams run and they don’t want to have to change everything if there starter goes down. He could be a quality backup for Carolina or Kansas city but who wants to pay your number 2 like a number 1 expecially when he takes away from the the team with his little stunts. And if you think he was right to not stand for the anthem that’s your opinion and there are just as many people who are discussted by it as there are people who applaud him. So bottom line not very good distraction who can’t run a normal nfl offense equals unemployed

  20. He did, then he lost it to Blaine Gabbert who also is also unemployed at the moment. He then got it back by default and now has been replaced by Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley! Bowman and Hyde need to focus on winning more than 2 games against the Rams

  21. They are right, he should have a job…….doubtful its in football but there is plenty of available positions in the trades….TV-VCR repair, heating and air conditioning, welding….

  22. I understand the Kap and Hyde thing, but Bowman didn’t kneel, did he? Last I knew, he was one of the best ILBs in the NFL.

    Maybe he’s got some “TRUMPED” up character issues.

  23. Carlos Hyde, NaVorro Bowman: Kaepernick should have a job

    I hear McDonald’s is hiring.

  24. Kaep chose a drastic method that will bite him in the butt for the foreseeable future. And being a Black male for nearly three times longer than he has been, it makes me sad that it basically changed very little, if anything at all. People that should be “aware” already were and still are.

    Secondly, I’m no expert, but I played the game and have studied it long enough to know and recognize Kaep’s skill-set unfortunately just does not mesh with the needs of the majority of NFL teams. I believe Kyle is honest and correct in not wanting Kaep as his QB for the specific reasons he’s outlined publicly. Kyle was/is not willing to tailor an offense specifically to take advantage of those things Kaep does exceedingly well. And that is too bad because obviously, by now, no one else is willing to do that either.

  25. As an entertainer, Kaep has followed in familiar footsteps: a meteoric career, rapid rise to stardom and then crash and burn. He was benched in 2015 for his lack of productivity on the football field. For the start of 2016 he played a back-up role. In October of 2016, when the previous backup quarterback failed to win, then Kaep again became the starting quarterback only to be benched again in the 4th quarter of the Bears game for his lack of productivity going 1 for 5 and 4 yards. Whatever he had in 2012, he has lost. Since then, demanding a renegotiation of a 125 million dollar contract demonstrates his ongoing poor decision making. Now, with his future performance clearly in question, his political grandstanding makes owner’s nervous as the fan base is not into political types who don’t deliver.

    Kaep will land with some team this year, but, only when some team’s #1 starter goes down and their backup is not productive; then, there is room to bring in Kaep and the fan base will be forgiving, probably. Kaep is not a third stringer, but his production numbers says he is a second stringer.

  26. Kaep deserves a roster spot as a starting QB or as backup on a NFL team. Unfortunately just not on my team


    Every fan of a NFL team and every active player on a NFL rostet that has playoff and Super Bowl aspirations

  27. Mike, there’s nothing confounding about it. No owner wants that guy on his team. He disrespects the country and the people in it and what, we’re supposed to feel sorry for him that no one wants him around. He’s dead to me….

  28. Unless you fought in the American Revolution, you didn’t fight for freedom of speech. Well, maybe if you fought in 1812.

    Kneel if you want, Kap. Burn the flag. whatever. Who cares?

    Just get your game together if you want to play in the League.

  29. Based purely on measurables sure, but when you take an unpopular stand you’ll see some repercussions from it. If you’re good enough, it won’t matter. When you compare his baggage against his ability (when he’s not playing from behind in garbage time) he’s not worth the distraction.

    Honestly though, I’d rather have him backing up Eli Manning than Geno Smith. Then again, I don’t care about the protesting.

  30. If there are any openings for the position of “Overpriced Activist”, he’s tops on the list

  31. As an AF pilot with 260 combat missions in Vietnam I fully support the way Kap chose to protest, and I think I understand it. Few could understand the guts it took him to take action, I want that guy on my side! I’m a little disappointed to most of the comments here from folks who didn’t think it thru. Also recall that he’s had 3 coaches and only the first one was worth a damn.

  32. However you feel about Kaepernick, this is the situation he created for himself. Just don’t tell me he’s currently unemployed for strictly football reasons.

    Doesn’t mean he deserves your sympathy, just sayin.

  33. Why do most people ignore how bad he’s been the last two years when discussing reasons he’s not employed? I mean I know why, just……never mind sorry

  34. Jay Cutler is unemployed too. Tony Romo is “retiring” when there are teams that would likely be pursuing him come June 1 (when he is officially released by Dallas). I still think that teams like Houston and Denver are trying to sign Tony Romo. The team that loses out in the Romo sweepstakes will likely contact Kap.

  35. He had opportunities the past two years to prove to teams that he could do it and when the lights were on, he stunk. If he was lights out or even above average, teams would overlook the kneeling and the other bs. But he’s not. He’s a flash in the pan whose time has come and gone. It’s not like we’re talking about the second coming of Tom Brady that can’t find a job…….

  36. Colon Krappernick should start his own business and get on with his life.

    He could test toilets – that way when he decides to sit instead of standing, he could still do his job.

    Otherwise, the NFL is not a place to give clowns a job unless they own an NFL team.

  37. Last I looked, this was still America. If Carlos and Navvoro think Kap should have a job, they are free to hire him.

    So is anybody else who bemoans his status.

  38. He is perhaps finally learning that there are consequences for one’s actions. He had every right to not stand for our country’s National Anthem. Owners and fans also have every right to despise this publicity seeking clown. He is at this point a QB whose ability has severely declined, AND who is a contentious whacko. Would any of you hire this problem child? I sure wouldn’t….

  39. The dude cannot play anymore. His diet has led to him being a fraction of what he once was and he’s a head case. Who cares about his social politics, if you can’t play then you can’t play. His career has already peaked, much like RG III, but for different reasons.

    This isn’t even interesting anymore. The dude cannot play. No one wants him. End of story.

  40. His production is way down, he has trouble reading the defense the past 2 years AND the obvious division caused by kneeeling …that most teams do not want in their locker room.
    He’s unlikely to see the field again.
    Sad because Harbough did so well with him.

  41. It is surprising that American football team wants to employ a less than stellar quarterback who causes distractions by disrespecting America. Weird…

  42. per·se·cu·tion
    hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs.

    Just so you know what it’s called. It’s a free country. These days business is a boomin’. Americans sure do love them some good ol’ persecutin’

  43. Its not surprising at all that he has no job right now. Its early in the process and he is making lofty demands (starting job starter money etc..). But by the time the season comes and presuming he gets realistic (backup job backup money) teams will have sorted out their needs more, better options will have disappeared, and there will be a slot for him somewhere. From there if he really is all he thinks he is he will gave a chance to prove it.

  44. Kaepernick and Michael Sam will go into the Hall of Fame in the same year. Oh… you get in on the basis of your on-field accomplishments, and not on your off-field distractions?

    Never mind.

  45. let’s not forget that PRIOR to his decision to take a knee during the national anthem, he lost his starting position. was that because the coach had a vision that Kaepernick would become a “distraction and a liability”? No, it was because he is a kraepy QB.

    I don’t even want to get started on the hypocrisy of his not voting in an election that has HUGE ramifications on civil rights. Or announcing once he became a free agent that he won’t take a knee this upcoming season.

  46. If the Falcons played him in the 4th QTR of the SB after they had 1st and 10 at the NE 22 (following awesome catch by Julio Jones) ran the ball on three consecutive plays, then simply kicked a FG – Atlanta would be world champs.

    Would that fit work Kyle?

  47. The NFL should ban using it’s platform for players to vent social issues in America. Kap was “using” the NFL brand and it needs to be stopped by the NFL. The NFL is a business, not a public forum. NO expressing social issues in games, stadiums, locker rooms nor in uniform nor in or around NFL facilities. This is not a free speech matter. This is “using” the success of a brand to promote personal opinions outside of football. PERIOD!

  48. thegloriousone says:
    Apr 11, 2017 12:09 AM
    “Unless you fought in the American Revolution, you didn’t fight for freedom of speech. Well, maybe if you fought in 1812.”

    Those who fought in later wars (WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, etc. ), and those who have served in the military during non-wartime, were generally fighting for the same set of freedoms to be applied to other groups of people around the world who faced oppression. Freedom of speach is one of that set of freedoms.

    Yes, we all have the right to say whatever we want to, however we want to. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to be happy about it. And it doesn’t mean that a substandard performer should get special consideration for a job because of it.

  49. He just doesn’t cut the mustard on the field anymore and he is a distraction off of it. Why he opted out I have no idea it was a huge mistake. Nobody will meet his salary demands. He’ll have to get paid millions of dollars to be oppressed somewhere else like Canada.

  50. There is nothing confounding about it whatsoever. Owners are not willing to insult their fanbase by subjecting them to an obnoxious America hating JERK like Kaepernick. The risk/reward simply does not add up. He’s a terrible player as well as a divisive locker room presence. Because the leftist media has no problem with him disrespecting our flag and national anthem doesn’t mean the NFL viewing public is okay with it. I will not watch ANY game that moron is a part of

  51. “illmatic8582 says:
    Apr 10, 2017 11:56 PM
    The owners got upset bc a POC decided to take a stand. They don’t like that.”

    Agree completely. Also, the Piece Of Crap in question isn’t good at football, so…

  52. arzcardinals says:
    Sad because Harbough did so well with him

    Did he really? Or was Colin Kaepernick merely a great athlete who benefited greatly from timing – aka entering the league at the beginning of the NFL’s brief flirtation with the read-option offense, while playing on a team with a fiery coach, a good running game and a terrific defense?
    People conveniently forget that San Francisco didn’t fall apart AFTER Jim Harbaugh left. The Niners went 8-8 in Harbaugh’s final season, losing 4 of their last 5 games and 6 of their last 10. Kaepernick had a QBR of 86.4 that season, his lowest to date outside his rookie season. He had 19 TDs and 10 picks, hardly gaudy numbers. Kaepernick had a higher QBR (90.7), and six fewer picks in 12 games under Chip Kelly than in his last season with Harbaugh.
    Truth is, teams figured out the read option by the end of 2013. Defenders adjusted to Kaepernick’s speed and quickness and learned to take better pursuit angles. Defensive coordinators were no longer surprised by his propensity to run and devised schemes to contain him. With his legs no longer a consistent option he had to rely on his arm. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the pure passing skills or ability to read defenses necessary to excel at the NFL level.
    Factor in the serious talent drain all over the field, beginning in Harbaugh’s last season, and what we’re left with is the real Colin Kaepernick: A dangerous athlete, but a mediocre NFL passer. Mix in the baggage from his unpopular protests, the muscle loss from his diet, and his apparently unrealistic salary demands and it’s hardly a secret why the man is unemployed.

  53. I honestly feel that owner’s will not be willing to take a chance on him being a distraction again. He should have played out his contract that he previously had. His loss.

  54. phinatic29 says:
    Apr 11, 2017 11:12 AM
    If the Falcons played him in the 4th QTR of the SB after they had 1st and 10 at the NE 22 (following awesome catch by Julio Jones) ran the ball on three consecutive plays, then simply kicked a FG – Atlanta would be world champs.

    Would that fit work Kyle?

    I dont know about that. Belichick clearly had Kaep figured out when they faced him. I think those three runs would have been three stuffs for a loss especially with a gassed OL, and holding happens on running plays too, especially when the OL is gassed like Atlantas was. and that fg was still not in the gimme range. I hear a lot of second guessing Shanahan but thats easy after the fact. If he had stayed on the ground and they had not gotten the fg those same monday critics would have been crowing that he should have known the OL was gassed and kept going to Julio (who was beating the Pats DB pretty handily at the time). Lets face it, guys that are mad at the outcome just want to shoot off their mouths but really they would not be able to run an NFL team. And stop calling the Falcons losers, they finished better than 30 other teams (who’s fans are dissing the Falcons) and were second in the league. Losing the Superbowl is still an extremely good season. If they threaten the Patriots next year you will all reverse yourselves a second time and be mooning all over them again.

  55. Just remember that Colin Kaepernick was the one who opted out of his contract – he is the one who made himself a free agent. So quit blaming everyone else for his actions.

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