Falcons and Bucs open preseason on road to account for construction

The Falcons haven’t updated the progress on their stadium construction, but they do have a new target date.

#Asexpected, the Falcons are opening the preseason with two road games, as they’re still building Mercedes-Benz Stadium and have pushed the target date for opening back twice already.

Now, they know they have a Falcons game there in the third week of the preseason against the Cardinals (Aug. 24-27), though the date and time are still listed as TBD on the schedule announced today. They’ll also host the Jaguars on Aug. 31, before a pair of college football games are played there on Sept. 2 and 4.

That gives the Falcons a few weeks of cushion in case work on their new building doesn’t reach goals.

The Buccaneers got the same treatment, opening their home schedule in Week Three as well, to accommodate the renovations happening at Raymond James Stadium.

Fans of the Broncos, Vikings and Saints will also have to wait until the third week of the preseason to pay full fare to see their home teams play. Decide for yourself if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

5 responses to “Falcons and Bucs open preseason on road to account for construction

  1. let’s have the preseason games played in england or other international venues as well as cities without an nfl team but leave the regular season games alone. no one wants to lose a home game to places like london when the games matter.
    better yet just cut these meaningless games to two games.

  2. $150 million in upgrades at the RayJay do continue in Tampa…last year it was awesome sound and state-of-the-art integrated video…with other things. This year it’s the West Club….sure to be hot if the brochure doesn’t lie. Things are looking up in Tampa Bay for sure!

  3. Agree with the first post here. European soccer teams have figured that out by playing preseason games here and charging crazy prices. In the meantime they are not taking away real games from season ticket holders. Also not forcing their ticket holders to pay full prices for exhibition games.

    So as a Bucs season ticket holder it looks like I’m paying full price again for the 4th preseason where no starters play and no one attends.

  4. The opening of the new stadium in Atlanta would have been much more appealing if they’d held onto that 28-3 lead and could have christened it as SB champs. But the Falcons had to be the Falcons and will remain so no matter the stadium.

  5. No, really, they’ll be playing out on the road. Next to the stadium. Traffic will be rerouted for the duration of the contestm but you must bring your own seating.

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