Father, son arrested after NFL-inspired bar fight

It’s always good for fathers and sons to spend time together. Except when they are spending time together beating people up.

Via Philly.com, 56-year-old Christopher Hoffman and his 32-year-old son, Brittan Holland, face assault charges after a fight at Joe’s Taven in South Jersey moved outside. The incident reportedly began over an argument about the Eagles.

Hoffman, who was charged with third-degree aggravated assault, and Holland, charged with second-degree assault and still in custody, fled in a vehicle after the fight. The two unnamed victims were located inside the bar, reportedly covered in blood.

Hoffman and Holland apparently have found common ground in their mutual dislike of the Eagles. Hoffman was wearing Steelers slippers, and Holland said he’s a Cowboys fan.

Given those choices, it’s surprising that father hasn’t already killed son, or vice-versa.