Brandon Jacobs says his Super Bowl XLII jersey was stolen

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A lengthy, detailed item about the theft of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jerseys from two different Super Bowls provides more facts and context regarding a vague claim former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs made on social media after Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey went missing.

“When I found out Tom Brady game jersey was missing all I could do is smh lol,” Jacobs tweeted on February 8. “It happen[ed] to me, I know who did it though. Just so you know!!”

What happened to Jacobs, according to Jenny Vrentas and Robert Klemko of, is that Jacobs believed he has his Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI jerseys framed in his home. Two years ago, a collector told Jacobs that he had his entire uniform — jersey, helmet, pants, thigh pads.

The collector said that a friend had bought the uniform from a Giants equipment manager. According to Jacobs, pictures of the gear appeared to have grass stains matching photos from the game.

As a result, Jacobs believes he was given a backup shirt that he didn’t actually wear during the game. Which meshes with an allegation from the still-pending lawsuit against the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning arising from allegations of fraudulent memorabilia sales. Last year, the plaintiffs claimed in court papers that the Giants sold the jersey worn by Michael Strahan in Super Bowl XLII, giving him a replica that was doctored with among other things Gatorade stains to create the impression it had been worn during the game.

Coincidentally, the men who contacted Jacobs about his Super Bowl XLII uniform are plaintiffs in the pending lawsuit. The Giants declined a request from to comment on the allegations, citing the litigation.

However that litigation plays out, it carries a lot more intrigue now than it did when it was originally filed.