Chad Kelly can’t throw for three months after Monday wrist surgery

Getty Images

Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly’s past off-field transgressions kept him from taking part in the Scouting Combine and an attempt to show off his skills at a pro day were thwarted by a right wrist injury that forced an early end to the workout.

Kelly was scheduled to throw again for NFL teams on April 22, but that’s not going to happen either. Kelly’s agent told Tom Pelissero of USA Today that Dr. James Andrews performed surgery on Kelly’s wrist on Monday after discovering a ruptured ligament.

There’s confidence that Kelly will be healthy when teams start training camp this summer, but won’t be able to throw for three months.

Kelly was coming off a torn ACL he suffered during the 2016 season and the confluence of issues keeping him from working out this offseason won’t do much to help him find a place to start his professional career.