Cowboys take a look at potential “war daddy” in Derek Barnett

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was frank about his offseason goals, hoping to add a “war daddy” to his defense.

They’re at least taking a look at a guy who was one in college.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Cowboys have brought Tennessee defensive end Derek Barnett for a visit. Barnett has also visited with the Buccaneers and had a private workout with the Falcons.

Barnett did not wow scouts with his testing numbers at the Scouting Combine (running a 4.88-second 40 while recovering from an illness), but you can’t argue with his production.

He had double-digit sacks in each of his three seasons at Tennessee, and broke the school record for sacks (33) which was held by some guy named Reggie White.

The Cowboys have clearly been looking for someone to get to the quarterback (a search which has spanned generations), and Barnett’s the kind of player who has shown he can make an impact.

20 responses to “Cowboys take a look at potential “war daddy” in Derek Barnett

  1. i say trade back and get another 2nd round pick. I don’t trust this guy to have the same production and we can get more players to start this way

  2. The Cowboys have clearly been looking for someone to get to the quarterback (a search which has spanned generations)


    Nice little dig, but I seem to remember a guy named DeMarcus Ware not that long ago who did a fine job at that. A hall of fame job, even.

  3. I think Jerry just mashes words together until they sound cool. “We need a blitz vortex, a real press piledriver. Some guy that can shed a block and really lay a riptide shear on a guy. Somebody bring me a whiskey avalanche with a twist of mistletoe.”

  4. For sure a solid prospect that could blossom in the league with his particular skill set, not sure he lasts until pick 28 though. If he does then it is a no brainer.

  5. “The term “war daddy” is such an ignorant, stupid sounding thing to say that it could have only come from Jerry Jones’s mouth.”

    Brad Pitt’s nickname in the movie Fury (a great war movie btw). Jerry probably saw the film and copycatted it, one of his usual M.O’s.

  6. Cowboys have hit dead on with offensive talent through the years… defense has yet to scratch the surface. All bad picks.

    Jerry should jump up and get this guy. I think he’ll be great in the NFL as a Cowboy.

  7. The Cowboys are arguably the most valuable sports franchise – Jerry Jones has done an exceedingly good job marketing them. As as GM, he has been a failure. True, Barry Switzer won a SB with the team that Jimmy Jones built (Jerry Jones’ first year acting as GM), but since that time (22 years) the Cowboys are a disappointing 3-9 in the playoffs with 6 one and dones. Jerry Jones’ marketing brilliance is shown in the fact that he uses terms (whether he invented it or not) to draw attention to the Cowboys. His weekly radio shows, that often get coverage here are another example of his marketing skills.

    As a GM in charge of personnel decisions, he sucks and would have been fired long ago. As GM in charge of growing the value of the franchise, he is the best.

  8. 700levelvet says:
    Apr 11, 2017 10:07 AM
    The…”Most mediocre franchise in sports”…
    From a fan of a team that is championship free since Ike was in office. 10 different Presidents and counting!

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