Giants linebacker knew what was coming with cigar photo

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Well, you can’t say Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas didn’t read his keys and recognize the play.

Whether he should have changed his pre-snap read is another question.

According to Jaclyn Hendricks of the New York Post, Casillas called his shot when he posted an Instagram picture from vacation in the Dominican Republic, showing him sitting on an ATV with hand-rolled cigar.

Using the hashtags “#iknowitlookslikeablunt #andIprobablyshouldnthavepostedthis,” Casillas knew what was coming.

But he liked the picture, posted it anyway, and the next day got a text message from the league asking him to submit to a random drug test.

(At least he’s a practitioner of #selfawareness.)

Casillas and the Giants will report for offseason conditioning next week.

24 responses to “Giants linebacker knew what was coming with cigar photo

  1. Officer Goodell thought he had him one. This dude was definitely the kid that got bullied growing up and couldn’t wait to get a little power to make everyone else miserable.

  2. That does not sound to random to me.
    I am all for the drug testing, but don’t say it’s random when this happens. Surprised the NFLPA isn’t all over this.

  3. So a hand rolled cigar is a drug now? What a joke. Ever since the Cuba embargo, the Dominican Republic has been one of the largest manufacturers of hand rolled cigars, along with Honduras and Nicaragua. I find it hard to believe that these pencil pushers in the N.Y. office wouldn’t know that. Now if he was in Jamaica, sure, that would be a little different, not a lot, but a little different.

  4. I am so glad that the brain trust at 345 Park Avenue has time to follow their favorite players on Instagram. There is nothing more important these guys could be doing.

  5. It’s probably not too hard to find clean urine in the Dominican Republic. The person that sold him the hand rolled cigar probably knows exactly where ti find some clean urine. You’d probably have to DNA cross examine a persons sample before you could count a sample as authentically “clean” or not?

  6. Goodell needs to wield the hammer.
    Suspend Casillas for 4 games, just because Roger feels like it.

    That looks too much like a huge joint. Can’t take chances. In fact, life time ban, and take a draft pick from the Giants.
    He is Roger after all.

  7. Light me another Cuba – I hold to my first-sworn vows,
    If Maggie will have no rival, I’ll have no Maggie for Spouse!

  8. How can people Be upset by this? Don’t post the picture if you don’t want the hassle , simple solution? Your an employee just like anyone else… your expected to follow the rules of the company, in this case the NFL.

    Like seriously,,, if he wants to have a chill summer maybe just keep your social media low key? He brought this upon himself and even he acknowledged that . Relax people

  9. I’m not outraged. If players want to taunt The League, The League can’t just take it like a submissive. It’s not a matter of this one instance. You test this guy, it sets a precedent for the next knucklehead who is really doing something nefarious and thinks he’s being cute.

    The League is worth thrumple-de-nizzity billion dollars. It protects its value, and it’s image is a major component of its value.

    “Random?” Is that the issue here? That drug tests need to be random in order to be ‘fair?’ Naive. Does anyone believe names are just tossed into a bingo hopper? Even if they were, you’d still have to expect there’d be some manner of human input, should there be a reason to suspect something. If you’re going to police a rule, you’d better apply some common sense to it.

  10. It could very well have been random. It could easily have been scheduled — and the picture came out just before the test occurred.

    Just because A comes before B doesn’t mean that A causes B. People have a tendency to look for links — and sometimes they find links that aren’t there. (For instance, heroin users drink water — this proves drinking water leads to drug use!)

  11. Yeah, the NFL is “protecting” its image by persecuting those who smoke weed while raking-in the cash from the purveyors of tobacco, booze, drugs and perpetual war.

  12. The only difference is the other products are legal. I don’t know about the drugs and war that seems a little far fetched. If you want legal cannabis you have to elect like minded people to office.

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