Kirk Cousins: I’ll play on the franchise tag, the ball’s in the team’s court

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Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins has a one-year contract for a guaranteed salary of $23.94 million this season, and he’s fine with that.

Cousins said on ESPN that he’ll be content to just play on the franchise tag this season and see what comes in free agency in 2018.

The ball’s in the team’s court,” Cousins said. “I’m under contract, am comfortable playing under the contract I signed.”

Washington could also trade Cousins, and there’s been some talk that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan would love to have him. But no team would trade for Cousins unless he agreed to a contract extension with that team, and he says he hasn’t talked to anyone about a contract.

“I haven’t heard anything. I’m not expecting anything to happen,” Cousins said. “And I’m looking forward to getting back to work with my teammates.”

For at least one more year, those teammates will be in Washington.

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  1. All his teammates, except for the wide receivers who walked in free agency. But I’m sure that won’t affect the passing game (or Kirk’s money) at ALL!

  2. He’s a pretty good QB in my book. Not great but capable of winning a game from behind.

  3. $23 million guaranteed? You betcha.

    Give me the money now. I mean even if he has a career ending injury this season, he’s banked $40 million in the last 24 months. I’d say he’ll be okay if he never plays another down after this season.

  4. The team lost two wide receivers (Garcon and D Jackson) and a center while acquiring Pryor and Quick. Few rookies contribute significant production to an offense (Dallas caught lightning in a bottle last year) so the offense will likely be far less productive this year. NFL coaches will see the lack of weapons as a team problem – not a Cousin’s failure so his value will not be significantly depressed next year. Assuming no long term contract before the July deadline this is another Allen recipe for disaster forcing the team to rebuild the offense next year without an proven QB … but this is Dan Snyder’s toy – and he can do whatever he wants.

  5. You cannot possibly tell me defensive players don’t know his contract situation so he won’t take the bigger hits. Dan Snyder is making this man pay for all the “dead money” he was foolish enough to burn through over the years.

  6. Shannahan has no reason to pull the trigger on a deal unless they give him up cheap. If anything, he has reason to wait and try to sign him as a FA. Every coach, especially one taking over a team that is on it’s 3rd coach in 3 years, normally get a year grace period. If he brings in his QB, that still holds true, but next year? Time for results.

    If he doesn’t make that trade, he gets his first season as a grace period, then next year he gets his QB in town, and building the team REALLY begins. Essentially giving him a 2nd free pass season.

  7. When are “WE” as Skins’ fans going to stop ! We deserve an answer ! Are you going to stay or go ! Of course you would ride out a 2nd franchise tag earning almost 50 million in 2 seasons . 20 million a year is more than enough for a QB that hasn’t won a Super Bowl, a playoff game or ever went to the playoffs in back to back seasons . 20 – 24 million a year is that Big Ben , Brady , Rodgers type money . When the game is one the line and the playoffs players in that pay range deliver. So if the Skins offered 20 million a year that’s for for his 2 year accomplishments that’s not a low ball at all . The organization has plenty of issues I’m just asking as a fan are you in or out for that kind of money I need “INVESTED “! We the Skins fans want a deal done or time to move and attempt to receive fair market value if possible . I’d love to have him ! Hail Redskins !

  8. As a fan of team..honestly think kirk might be traded during draft and with the #17 pick…..Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech. My inside sources say the coaches and front office love the kid.

  9. If everything in Washington is working at the end of 2017 and they end up franchising him for 35 million for 2018 then the Redskins will have paid him just over 26 million on average for a 3 year period. Which is now market value. So they will not hesitate to pay that one year exorbitant fee. By then, if everything is working, Kirk won’t want to leave. This may end up being the only window that Kirk is ever available and San Fran is letting it go by. Good for the Skins in the long run in my humble opinion.

  10. The Washington Redskins died in May of 1999.

    As a lifelong fan of that deceased franchise, I wish Kirk Cousins great success next year when he will get to play for a professional football team.

    Under Lil Danny and his minion Bruce “Winning Off the Field” Allen, this is just a dumpster fire that goes from raging to smoldering and back to raging, but never goes out.

  11. Nothing is wrong with kirk holding the redskins hostage for every penny he can get from them. But just because you can doesnt mean you should. Kirk you are solid qb, however in my humble opinion unless you are brady, rodgers, manning in his hey day etc etc who are so good they cover up defenciencies in the team then you shouldnt ask for nor receive the type of contract that kirk is requesting. History shows good qbs like wilson eli manning rothelisburger flacco etc who need a solid cast behind them and get paid elite qb money end up hurting the franchise. No one can argue since those guys received mamoth contracts there teams have struggled to get over the hump and clearly took steps backwards. Redskins should offer kirk 22 mil a year (which is a gift considering the other qbs had at least won or got to superbowls before getting paid) and if he wont sign trade him and get what you can. Let cleveland or san fran pay him his 25 or 26 mill a year and lets see if he can at least get them past the first round of the playoffs which is more then what he would have done for us. I like kirk and i feel my fellow skins fans pain when they express hes the best qb we have had in years. But just because we’ve been fed dog food for the past 20 years and someone puts a ham sandwich in front of us lets not pretend we have a steak dinner and pay premium for something that isnt worth it in the long run.

  12. Kirk is not a proven qb. He played in a garbage division 2 years ago and choked in the playoffs. Last year the team didn’t make the playoffs. He got a ton of yards because of pass happy McVay/Gruden. When the ball was in his hands and he could show he was capable of making legendary plays, he chokes in the Giants game. Please trade him while outsiders that don’t follow the Redskins see he’s reached his peak and will have a “Romo” career at best.

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