Matt Ryan not shielding his eyes from Super Bowl collapse

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The history isn’t going to change if he hides from it. So Matt Ryan is going to embrace it instead.

The Falcons quarterback told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he immersed himself in the tape of the Super Bowl immediately, watching the mistakes that caused a 28-3 lead to turn into a 34-28 overtime loss.

No, I watched it,” Ryan said. “I watched it a day after. I watched it two days after and I watched it three days after. For me, it was one of those things where you kind of want to be able to deal with it appropriately.

“Maybe, that’s different for everybody. Some people bury it away. Some people [do] whatever. … For me it was ‘all right, let’s watch. Does it feel the same way it felt as we were going through it?’”

Mostly, he said watching it left him “numb,” and that he thought they had the game in control after wide receiver Julio Jones’ ridiculous catch to move them to the Patriots’ 22-yard line.

“When I let it go, I was just trying to put it high in a safe spot for him to make a play,” Ryan said. “I did that. I was fired up at that point. I thought that was going to be a play that was going to change the outcome of that game. Obviously, the next couple of plays unfolded, and we didn’t end up converting [it into] points.

“At the time, I thought it was a huge play.”

It was, until a sack, a holding penalty and an incomplete pass took them out of field goal range, and left the Patriots with the opportunity to tie the game and force overtime. But that didn’t cause Ryan to second-guess the play-calling of now-49ers coach Kyle Shanahan.

“You have to believe in what you are doing,” Ryan said. “That’s kind of the way we were all year. That’s not going to change. I love that approach.

“I love that they have confidence in me and that they have confidence in the guys that we have, and we are going to let it rip. Obviously, it didn’t work out.”

And that’s something he’ll have to think about for a long time, having already started the process of figuring out how it happened.

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  1. The defense was on the field for 8+ minutes , in the 4th qtr, it was gassed. I think the game changer was devontae freeman not picking up hightower during the blitz.

  2. I’ve been watching it every day too. Current favorite moment is right after the OT coin toss. Watch McCourty’s face as he walks away. “I am dreaming. This is a dream of victory.” God I love it.

  3. .
    With 8:31 left in the third quarter the Patriots were down 28-3 and looked like roadkill. However, the game changed when the Patriots started making plays on both sides of the ball, rather than a series of miscues by the Falcons. Despite being physically and emotionally gassed, and facing a razor sharp Tom Brady, Atlanta competed until the end. The storyline should be more about the Patriots amazing comeback rather than the Falcons epic collapse.

  4. He’s maturing. A younger guy would have pointed fingers. Missed block. Holding penalty. Stupid play calling. Holding on to the ball too long. He has to know that’s what happened. Not saying it out loud is a good sign that he’s not going to let it tear apart the team, especially since part of it is on him, too.

  5. I stayed up and kept watching because it was the Falcons with the big lead and Tom Brady at the other end.

    Even for the Falcons though, that was a massive choke job.

  6. No QB is going to criticize their coach’s play-calling unless they want to get released. Even if Matt Ryan thinks his coaches blew it, he would never say it on the record. It seems like only a few of the best QBs, like Manning, Rodgers and Brady have the ability to audible and change the play at the line of scrimmage because most coaches don’t like being shown up and most of them have huge egos.

  7. “You have to believe in what you are doing,” Ryan said. “That’s kind of the way we were all year. That’s not going to change. I love that approach.

    Unwillingness to change (hurry up offense) when the circumstances changed cost you the Super Bowl. The Patriots should have easily lost.

  8. So he’s just shielding his eyes from the truth of what happened. It was a bad call for the obvious reasons. If you are going to watch it again, learn from it, not defend what you did wrong.

  9. He’s maturing. A younger guy would have pointed fingers.
    He could but he also had a key fumble himself. 8:27 left in the 4th quarter and up by 16. Fumble Matt Ryan. Huge play in the game. The Pats recover at the 25 yard line. pretty much in the redzone. Thanks Matty Ice. We couldn’t have done it w/o you.

  10. Anyone blaming Ryan for the Falcons loss watched an alternate version of the game. His fumble was the result of Freeman’s missed block and the unforgivable sack was the result of a lousy Shanahan play call. Ryan was 17-23-284 with a pair of TDs and a 144 QBR. If the Patriots didn’t complete the ferocious rally, Ryan would have been the MVP, unanimously.

  11. terripet says:
    Apr 11, 2017 7:56 AM

    Ryan just come out and say your team gave the cheaters a gift

    In 2017 only willfully ignorant science denying dupes continue to believe that “cheaters” nonsense.

    Any word on when Roger Goodell plans on issuing that press release containing the PSI information from the 2015 season?

    For intelligent football fans who don’t want to wait for Roger Goodell to demonstrate that “transparency” that he pledged in 2014, you can watch footballs drop PSI from cold temperatures alone in a video posted online.

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