Tyrell Williams: Keenan Allen’s return will mean “a big year for all of us”

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Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen said last month that he expects to be recovered from last year’s torn ACL in time to take part in training camp, something he repeated while talking to the media on Monday.

Allen’s absence last season opened up a bigger role for Tyrell Williams, who took advantage of the increased opportunities to catch 69 passes for 1,059 yards. Having a healthy Allen back in the lineup could change the amount of times the ball goes Williams’ way, but Williams isn’t looking at things that way. He believes Allen’s presence will provide a rising tide for the entire offense.

“He opens so much up for me,” Williams said, via the team’s website. “Defenses have to account for him, so that will open it for me and really the whole offense. He is such a big part [of what we do]. He’ll open things up for all the receivers and the backs, too. I think it will be a big year for all of us.”

With Travis Benjamin also at receiver and the Antonio Gates/Hunter Henry tandem at tight end, a full-strength Chargers offense has plenty of targets in the passing game to go with Melvin Gordon out of the backfield. That bodes well, although a full-strength team was a rare site in the Chargers’ final seasons in San Diego.

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  1. I really feel for Allen. Overtime he fights his way back he seems to suffer another injury. I hope he can stay healthy this time around.

  2. With all the injuries to starters and rotational players on offense and defense, the Chargers didn’t really stand a chance these past two seasons. That’s part of why they want from 9 wins in 2013 and 2014 to 4 and 5 wins in 2015 and 2016. So if the team stays healthy I can easily see them getting 7 to 10 wins this season. Unfortunately, I expect the injury bug to go away but the late game and second half meltdowns to continue as usual.

  3. I wouldn’t call 2017 in Carson City an exciting season. They would have a far better chance of making the play-offs this year had they stayed in SD. But they didn’t. They have NO HOME GAMES for the next few years and only a SMATTERING of real fans. That will make the climb tough. Terrific receiving corps, but with the exception of Slauson, a weak offensive line and as in year after year, weak protection for Rivers. If he goes down…forget it. Right now this team is left with little motivation other than paychecks and extending their careers. They don’t like the re-location and don’t like the management.

  4. Keenan Allen is a playmaker, period. He’s the only reason I MIGHT go buy a ticket to watch the Chargers play here in LA. That said, I really don’t want to give one red cent to the greedy lying Dean Spanos.

  5. boltson says:
    Apr 11, 2017 10:56 AM

    Yep, if they stay healthy they may even make the playoffs.

    Pretty sure the Raiders and Chiefs aren’t going to let that happen.

    Wishful thinking though

  6. The talent on the Chargers team has been above average (top 15) for several seasons now. Injuries, 2nd half melt downs, and just generally not knowing how to play to win (players and coaches) are what have been holding this team back.

  7. Agree with vegaskid21: in that division, being kinda good isn’t going to get them there, unless the other teams decline to an unexpected degree. But that kind of surprise does happen.

  8. Two words.. Christian McCaffery.. this offense would be so scary with his versatility and Melvin pounding the rock along with Keenan Williams and Benjamin outside… not to mention the HOFer under center and at TE.. and Hunter Henry doing work.. would be so sweet!

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