Christian McCaffrey set for Thursday visit with Broncos

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When Christian McCaffrey was born in 1996, his father Ed was a Broncos wide receiver catching passes from John Elway.

Elway is now the Broncos’ General Manager and he’ll reportedly be renewing his relationship with the McCaffrey clan on Thursday. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the younger McCaffrey, who went to high school in Colorado, will be visiting the Broncos on Thursday.

McCaffrey ran for 3,922 yards and caught 99 passes out of the backfield over three years at Stanford that also saw him excel as a kickoff returner. That versatility has led many to project he will be a first-round pick with a fair number of those projections having him off the board before the Broncos are up with the 20th overall selection.

The Broncos have C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker back at running back and Anderson is expected to be a full participant in offseason work after last year’s season-ending knee injury.

14 responses to “Christian McCaffrey set for Thursday visit with Broncos

  1. Ed McCaffrey took some wicked shots to the ribs.. That’s what I remember about him most. lol

  2. If Elway thinks the path back to the playoffs includes drafting a RB with a small build, he’s sorely mistaken. The O-line was ranked 27th last season and all he’s signed is a RG (Geary from Dallas). Use that 1st on Robinson, Ramcyzk, or Bolles – all tackles. Whether it’s Siemean or Lynch, either would be better served with a 300lbs OT than a 190lbs RB.

  3. humpofdc says:
    Apr 12, 2017 1:16 PM
    Too small for the NFL.

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    Is Danny woodhead too small?

  4. This kid was special in 2015 and should have won the Heisman.

    If the D has to worry about the running game and passes out of the backfield they won’t rush as hard and the line will look a lot better.

  5. He’s probably the best pure college football player I’ve seen since Reggie Bush. He’s smart, has great field vision, and knows/can reach the timing of gaps to get through LOS and can catch the ball anywhere on the field. Running back, slot/possession back/receiver is where he should be used. He’s too valuable to be used in punt or kickoff return, though it would build upon his receiving and feel for the game. RBs are usually not 1st round picks today, but he’s one to not miss.

  6. humpofdc says:
    Apr 12, 2017 1:16 PM

    Too small for the NFL

    I have seen this nonsense puke comment over and over again. Take some time to LEARN and stop repeating drool.

    Average NFL RB over the last 3 years = 6’o” 207lbs

    Dalvin Cook for example 6’0″ at 206 lbs.

    He is 5’11” and weighs 204. Got it? 1″ and 2 lbs is a dealbreaker???

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