Demaryius Thomas: I can be the guy to get offense sparking

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Catching 90 passes for 1,083 yards and five touchdowns would typically be seen as a strong season for an NFL wide receiver, but the response to Broncos wideout Demaryius Thomas’ 2016 campaign wasn’t greeted with non-stop fanfare.

Those numbers were his lowest in all three metrics since the 2011 season and the Broncos offense represented the biggest reason why the team fell short of the playoffs. New coach Vance Joseph’s response was to say that he wants Thomas to be “a dominant player all the time” and take on a bigger leadership role than he’s played in the past.

Thomas sounded ready to accept Joseph’s challenge when he spoke to the media on Tuesday.

“It means a lot [for Joseph to say that],” Thomas said, via the team’s website. “Definitely, the first thing I thought was more opportunities and chances to get the ball more, but also [that I can] be that guy to get the offense sparking. I’m excited about it and I look forward to it. I just have to step up to the plate.”

Thomas noted a couple of things he believes will help him this year. One is that he’s over a hip injury that limited him in the latter stages of the 2016 season and the other is the return of offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, who ran the offense when Thomas broke out in his third NFL season. If the team can get improved quarterback play as well, the pieces for a bigger year for Thomas would all appear to be in place.

13 responses to “Demaryius Thomas: I can be the guy to get offense sparking

  1. This Bronco fan thinks Thomas is a great talent, but has too many mentally lazy moments, especially compared to Sanders who has less natural talent but rarely drops the ball.

    When the ball is in the air Sander’s WANTS IT, but Thomas drops too many – mostly the easy ones.

    A smart coach has done the right thing here, because a slight mental adjustment could return Thomas to the status of a difference maker and that can lead to some much needed third down conversions and more wins.

  2. Pretty sad for a guy with so much talent to have to be TOLD to step up his game. He takes plays off and drops far too many passes.

  3. Idk man you really seemed disinterested in playing last year. Drops, mental mistakes and almost a quiet resentment that your running mate Sanders had passed you up as the go to option in the offense.

  4. No more excuses for him. There was a time when he and Julio were neck and neck, but he’s had 2 down years. Needs to toughen up.

    -Broncos fan

  5. More bubble screens which is his best play are coming up. For today’s NFL, McCoy is a huge step up from Kubiaks old system. The young qbs for Denver are better than people think.

    They were put in a tough spot last year, both of them not really ready to play. Defending the crown getting every teams best shot. No o line. No running game. They still got the team a winning record. Tough to see them no matter who it is not winning one more game.

  6. No matter what he does Demaryius will forever be remembered as the guy who caught a pass from Tebow in the playoffs to beat Big Ben and the Steelers in overtime. The Steelers were never the same after that humiliation.

  7. D. Thomas needs a big year, if anything to remind folks that he is a threat. I didn’t care for his play or the plays called for him last year. Way too many key drops on key plays. After awhile I found myself screaming to get the ball to Sanders instead.

    Although, to hear Thomas ell it, it appears that he was injured all year with a hip. Broncos fans who remember the last few years of Rod Smith, will recall how a hip can slow and alter a receiver’s effectiveness.

    We’re expecting big things Demaryius. Don’t drop the ball.

  8. A Broncos post full of positive comments…. I LIKE.

    I hope DT can turn it around next year, he is immensely talented. Bringing back McCoy should help a lot.

  9. Kubiaks system is garbage. Remember when Houston had Seattle on the ropes and Schaub threw the pick 6 to Sherman? Kubiak said after the game that once they have the play they run it no matter what.

    An offensive approach like that will lead to let downs and it sure did last year.

    DT does need to step it up. Too much natural talent to not go up and take the ball down each time. Ran a 4.39 with a broken foot.

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