DeShone Kizer says he agrees with Brian Kelly’s critique

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When Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said his former quarterback DeShone Kizer should have stayed in school instead of entering the NFL draft, many took it as a harsh criticism. Kizer didn’t see it that way.

Kizer said on ESPN 1000 that he agrees with Kelly that he has more room to grow, but Kizer wants to see if he can grow as a quarterback while playing at the highest level.

It’s honestly the truth,” Kizer said. “I have two more years available [of college eligibility]. I’m only 21 years of age. There is a lot of growth for me. There’s a lot of growth for everyone in this draft. There’s a lot of guys out there who had to make big adjustments as they move into the NFL, and I know it. That’s why I’m not the No. 1 quarterback guaranteed walking into this draft as we speak.”

Most people consider Kizer the No. 3 quarterback this year, behind Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky. So it’s easy to see why Kelly thinks Kizer should have stayed. But even if Kizer still has some growing up to do on the field, the way he handled Kelly’s comments showed a kind of maturity that NFL teams will like to see.

16 responses to “DeShone Kizer says he agrees with Brian Kelly’s critique

  1. tjacks7 says:
    Apr 12, 2017 2:25 PM
    Brian Kelly should be coaching Pop Warner.

    As someone who has followed ND football for over 50 years, I agree. Kelly should have been let go after last year…

  2. I’d rather make hundreds of thousands (or millions if drafted in Rounds 1 or 2) of dollars learning the the game of football from an NFL bench then pursuing a business degree.

    I can’t imagine him falling into the third.

  3. I wish QBs with years left of eligibility would just stay in school. History shows soph/junior QBs don’t win you championships, except for Trent Dilfer.

  4. Love the quote. What he’s basically saying is that he has a lot of growth yet to be achieved and would rather not have Brian Kelly in charge of that.

    Very shrewd and mature response by Kizer.

  5. If he didn’t come out this year he would be a fourth round pick. Kelly would have benched him and he would have to compete for dollars in the draft with the likes of Darnold, Rosen, Browning, Rudolph, Allen, Jackson and Mayfield..

    He goes from a 1st to 2nd round pick this year to a 4th rounder at best next year

  6. ITs all about the $$$.

    Kiser was declining last year and is basically entering the draft in hopes to get first round money. Had he continued playing the way he did last year, he would be a 5th round pick next year. Its a smart move by him- and I think he will be a decent backup at best in the NFL. I hope he proves me wrong because my GMEN might draft him in the second round.

  7. Kizor could turn into a good pro QB some day, but there are a lot of if’s, and’s, or but’s. In other words, you’d be guessing. That’s an awfully scary thing to do with an early pick. He might not go until round 6 or later. I wouldn’t draft him. Physically, he’s Andrew Luck, but Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are winning super bowls, which proves that athleticism is not really important when it comes to NFL QBs.

  8. Its super cliche to say but Kizer has all the tools and forsure a higher ceiling than his co-starter/back up in Zaire.

    Kizer is like a gazelle in the open field nothing appearance wise would lead you to believe hes athletic but when he decides to take off surprisingly hes hard to catch and bring down.

    When it comes to his throwing ability hes got the arm to drive the ball and loft it deep, and its not like hes inaccurate. I think alot of what lead to his decline last year was the pressure of being the soul producer for the team. The year before he was savior coming in for an injured Zaire and he snapped with limited expectations. This past year though with basically the entire Defense getting kicked outta school and a over complicated offensive scheme by Kelly it all piled up on him and he looked worn out by week 7.

    I think he can ascend to starter level in the NFL with the right upbringing.

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