Kirk Cousins will show up for offseason program

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As further proof that Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins is focused on 2017 and not on leveraging a long-term deal, Cousins will be participating in the team’s offseason program.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the sixth-year quarterback will show up for the mostly-voluntary sessions. Even though Cousins is under contract, he could stay away from everything but the mandatory minicamp without consequence. And if he’s motivated to leverage a long-term deal before the July 15 deadline, he can withhold services throughout most of the next two months.

Apparently, Cousins is not trying to leverage a long-term deal now. Instead, his goal seems to be having the best possible 2017 that he can, in order to make himself as attractive as possible in 2018, when he hits the open market.

Hit the open market he will, absent a long-term deal that pays out more than $52 million over the first two years in fully-guaranteed money — or a decision by Washington to use the franchise tag in 2018, which would cost a whopping $34.47 million.

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  1. See, but here’s the thing. If he hits the open market, there is a chance that his comp could be lower next year.


    1. Washington will likely not tag him a third time. So he needs to decide if he wants to play for Washington, or is ready to move on. In addition, Washington might surprise everyone and draft a QB this year with the aim of that person being their starter next season.

    2. His performance this year will have some impact on the money he is offered. A mediocre season isn’t going to get him big bucks.

    3. Teams that need a QB now might not be in the market for one next year.

    Time will tell. I think that he is incredibly overpaid right now. if my team needed a QB, i don’t think he is the one i would want to invest big dollars in – because currently, he isn’t a top 10 QB

  2. Kirk already has all the leverage he needs. Not participating in offseason programs would in no way increase his leverage. By showing he’s a team guy he only improves his brand, if you will. And it’s by hard work he hones his skills, so by refusing to participate he would hurt himself.

  3. Hit the open market he will, absent a long-term deal that pays out more than $52 million over the first two years in fully-guaranteed money


    In regards to the guaranteed money… this is PROBABLY true, but absolutely NOT a sure thing. Unless you’ve heard something from Cousins’ camp directly.

  4. If there’s a player you can trust to handle a situation like this well, it’s Kirk Cousins. He’s a classy guy.

    This is a sticky situation for both sides–but mostly for the Redskins, who probably will have to overpay or risk entering 2018 back on the QB carousel.

  5. nyfootballgiants – I’d go back and check what the stats say…over the past 2 years he is in the top 10 of most QB stats out there. Not sure what you use to measure a Top 10 QB, but the statistics disagree with you. He has been a Top 10 QB in both 2015 and 2016.

    “Time will tell. I think that he is incredibly overpaid right now. if my team needed a QB, i don’t think he is the one i would want to invest big dollars in – because currently, he isn’t a top 10 QB”

  6. “Hey…look at what a grownup I’m being, everyone! Even though I’m making tens of millions of dollars, I’m going to show up! Doin’ it for my teammates, bro!”


  7. They fired their competent GM last month and god knows who is running things now.

    In 1 year the Redskins will be without a QB, and have no draft picks to show for it.

    So what will become of the Redskins in 1 year – 5-11? 6-10? They will revert back into a pumpkin.

  8. Best thing he can do is come in and sustain a season-ending injury. He’ll get the money and won’t have to worry about his sucking affecting his next contract because there won’t be any tape.

  9. Come on. The QB is the leader of the offense by virtue of his position (and how much money they make). Of course he’s going to show up because he needs to gel with the guys. Besides, the last guys you want to anger are the big guys up front who protect you from getting smeared into the turf. If the big uglies are running gassers and drills, you’d best be doing the same thing right beside them.

    Besides, these camps are voluntary in name only. Players who don’t show up get their name dragged through the mud.

  10. Going to be tough for him next year when he has to take a pay cut to get a long term deal.
    But he is doing all the right things. Get the guaranteed money from the Redskins and let the rest work itself out.

  11. Why not? $23M+ gauranteed.

    The league should care less about PSI in a football and more about owners taking a blowtorch to their own organization. The mismanaged Redskins have done more to damage the ‘integrity of the game’ than anyone else.

  12. At least he’s willing to work. Most of the over paid jocks don’t show up, aren’t willing to work in pads and as a result we’re forced to watch pre-season quality football until November….. Isn’t the NFLPA something!

  13. nyfootballgiants says:
    Apr 12, 2017 10:31 AM

    …if my team needed a QB, i don’t think he is the one i would want to invest big dollars in – because currently, he isn’t a top 10 QB

    Umm…actually, Kirk Cousins is a 10 ten QB. quarterback rankings:
    3. Kirk Cousins
    13. Eli Manning
    The numbers don’t lie. Kirk needs to improve in some areas, but he’s already a very good QB.

  14. I’m a big KC fan and hope he has a good year.

    Lost in all this “Kirk is brilliant/Redskins are stupid” debate is that Kirk is still taking a chance going into the season on a one year contract. During 2017 he could a.) have a bad year and cost himself money or b.) get injured and REALLY cost himself money.

    A lot of ink has been given to why the Redskins should pony up big $$ to re-sign Cousins. But it is also worth it for the player to take a long term deal in the immediate term. If Cousins is not doing it because the Redskins offer is just really, truly awful, then I get that. But if he’s digging his heels in just to be peevish, then that could be a very foolish and costly move for him. He’s good, but he’s not Brady. A stellar 2017 is *possible* but it’s not *inevitable.*

    It really does behoove both the Redskins and the player to get together to work something out. Redskins need to up their offer from an uncompetitive 20 million per year. But if the team offers 24 per year and not 25, then Cousins should consider it.

    It’s easy for a bunch of writers to say what a player “ought” to do…it’s another thing for a man to make a serious financial decision for himself and his family in a career where you are always one hit away from being out of work permanently…

  15. Not understanding the bashing for Kirk. He’s not the one that decided to turn this into an article or add to controversy. There are several thousand guys under contract in the nfl that will show up for workouts but no mention of them . Click bait here and fodder for those that want to bash cousins or the skins.

  16. This year has disaster written all over it. Top 2 wide outs and O Coordinator gone. They’ll probably go about 5-11, he’ll leave in free agency, Gruden will get fired and Snyder and Allen will start all over again after a couple a couple of stable, promising years.

  17. I like Cousins but he’s no Brady/Rogers/Manning. He forces balls into coverage when there are WIDE open receivers, particularly in the red zone.

    The shame is the ‘Skins won’t get anything for him. This is on Allan and Snyder. They are idiots and they forced McCloughan out and showed their lack of class by the way they did it. Cousins will move to the 49’ers just to get away from the madness. I would.

  18. Why would he? He has made 45M in 2 years, and will make 30-35M next year… or get a large contract.

    Everyone keep in mind that the Bears screwed all teams by signing Glennon to 3 years/45M.

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