League has no comment on Marshawn Lynch airport incident

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Has soon-to-be-perhaps-unretired running back Marshawn Lynch gotten himself in trouble with the NFL for smacking a phone out of the hands of a teenage boy at LAX? Either way, the league isn’t saying.

On Wednesday, a spokesman told PFT that the NFL has no comment about the situation.

Lynch reportedly won’t be fined for his presence at an arm-wrestling event at a casino in Las Vegas because he remains on Seattle’s reserve/retired list. It’s unclear whether the Personal Conduct Policy applies to players who are technically retired.

In 2009, the NFL suspended Lynch three games for violating the Personal Conduct Policy following a gun charge. The prior year, he admitted to striking a female pedestrian with his car in Buffalo and driving away.

15 responses to “League has no comment on Marshawn Lynch airport incident

  1. Marshawn Lynch does not respect the 1st Amendment.

    This isn’t a ‘first amendment issue’ — it’s a Privacy issue and has been for decades. Trouble is, the courts have not been too kindly to the ‘stars’ in the past and Marshawn better hope the kid doesn’t have a lawyer as a dad.

  2. marshawn is a good person he gives back to community a TON I kinda have to take sides with him in this situation just respect the man’s privacy! you know if a lot of u guys where in his shoes I bet it would be a lot easier for you to understand why he does the things he does!

  3. If it was a paparazzi it would be different, but this was a teenage kid. We fans know Marshawn is a not the greatest person in the world and this isn’t that hard. If it were me on either side security or the police should of been called. If the kid was causing so much of a problem that justifies things getting physical…let the cops do their job. If somebody knocks my personal property out of my hand possibly braking it…same thing, call the security or the police. It sounds dumb that you have to get the authorities involved, but no one should take it upon themselves to put their hands on you or your personal property. If you do then you should be the one in the cuffs. Simple.

  4. “If it were me on either side security or the police should of been called. ”

    Sure…because the kid was probably far away filming….not shoving the camera in his face and walking right next time as he is trying to get away from him.

    We BOTH don’t know what happened, how long it happened, or what led to this or how bad it was…(maybe he waved the kid away and hit the phone by accident…WE don’t know)

    But sure…call the police…maybe the kid deserves to be arrested.

  5. I don’t want him anymore, seems like all the people that like him are people who grew up in the hood for that particular reason. I just find him annoying now

  6. Loudpackmatt……. I don’t think it would ever be easier to understand hitting someone with your cat and running. Guess what you want to make the $$$, be in the spotlight, the spotlight is what you’re gonna get.

  7. It’s so tough being rich and famous… right?

    Don’t play the game, take the money, be on global TV if you want to be left alone.

    This clown needs to stay gone… far away… gone.

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