Roethlisberger disputes report that he’s lobbying for a tight end

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has committed to the team for 2017. As the 2017 draft approaches, Roethlisberger wants it to be known that he’s not expecting the team to make a commitment at any one specific position.

Specifically, Roethlisberger has disputed a report from NFL Network that he’s lobbying for the team to take a tight end.

“Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was in [the team facility] not less than two weeks ago and he said to Mike Tomlin, ‘Get me some more help,'” Aditi Kinkhabwala recently said on NFL Network. “He was lobbying for a tight end.”

Said Roethlisberger in a statement provided to PFT: “The report of me lobbying to draft a tight end or pass catcher is wrong. Coaches and teammates know I love the guys we have and always believe we can win. I trust the organization to do their best selecting players to help us, and every year they tell me generally the positions they are exploring, but I have not lobbied or demanded we add a tight end or pass catcher or any other position through the draft or free agency.”

Last year, the Steelers signed tight end Ladarius Green as the potential replacement for Heath Miller, who retired. Injuries limited Green dramatically, and Jesse James emerged as the top option at the position, catching 39 passes for 338 yards and three touchdowns.

It’s not the first time Roethlisberger has spoken out in response to a report from NFL Network. In 2013, he aggressively disputed a claim that he planned to ask the team to explore trade options after the season.

“It is one of the most BS stories that I’ve ever heard of,” Roethlisberger said at the time.  “I’ve always said that I want to be a Steeler for life.  I love it here.  I’m happy here.  I don’t want to go anywhere.  No one in my family, our camp, agents, no one has ever said anything about that.  Wherever this was made up from is totally false.” (Reminder: He has remained with the Steelers consistently since then, and he hasn’t asked for a trade.)

While Roethlisberger used more measured words this time around, the point is the same: He disagrees with the NFLN report.

The broader question as it relates to the Steelers (and every other team with an aging franchise quarterback) is whether he’ll disagree with a decision to use the first-round pick on the quarterback’s eventual replacement.

34 responses to “Roethlisberger disputes report that he’s lobbying for a tight end

  1. If the report is true, then Big Ben must intend to play for a few more years. It seems to take most tight ends a season or two to develop before they start to make a real impact.

  2. I thought Jesse James showed some promise last year. Damn Ben, if you need the best WR, some of the best 2nd and 3rd WR’s, the best RB, AND an elite TE, what does that say about YOU?

  3. There is a 0% chance Steelers take a QB in the first round.

    Big Ben is there and they are in win now mode, to waste a 1RD pick on a QB who isn’t going to play is foolish.

    The whole “groom a QB behind a starter” is a bunch of garbage too. It happened once ever with Rodgers and my guess is regardless if Rodgers sat on the bench for 10 minutes of 10 years, he was going to be a great QB right when he took the field, which he was.

  4. “I thought Jesse James showed some promise last year. Damn Ben, if you need the best WR……., the best RB…..?”

    I didn’t realize that Julio Jones and Ezekial Elliot played for the Steelers?!?!?!

  5. The whole ‘groom a QB’ thing is kind of weird. You have Big Ben, you play to win now. When he retires or starts playing poorly, then groom a QB.

  6. Weird. Seems like Manning, and Brady turned a bunch of no names into stars on the regular. Maybe he should do a sit up, and quit being as dramatic a teenage girl before Prom ever season.

  7. Who the heck is Aditi Kinkhabwala and how does she all of the sudden become credible?

    Shes been the NFL Network correspondent for the Steers for a few years now………..ehh pretty credible I would say.

  8. They need to trade for MyCole Pruitt; that guy is going to be a star within three years, and he would be very inexpensive right now.

    The Steelers’ biggest problem is the fact that their defense can’t stop a high-powered offense when it counts. I don’t know what’s up with that coaching staff, but the Patriots have made that defense look non-existent. If the Steelers want to get back to the Super Bowl, they’ll need to figure out how to beat the Patriots, and you can’t do that when their laying 35+ points on you every game.

  9. The problem is the media will spin anything to fit their narrative. Ben was probably asked a question along the lines of, “where do you think the offense could improve?”, a question every team/reporter inevitably asks their franchise qb during the offseason, and he responded. There is a clear distinction between offering a reply to the question and “lobbying” for more weapons. Just a hypothetical but you see my point.

  10. Ben has given every signal he can to the organisation that he wants them to plan for the future at the QB position. He will play for a while yet, but I don’t think he wants the organisation to count on him being the guy for too many more years.

  11. Big Ben needs to work on his accuracy instead. He still has the arm strength but his ball placement left a lot to be desired in AFCC game.

  12. Big Ben needs to work on his accuracy instead. He still has the arm strength but his ball placement left a lot to be desired in AFCC game.

    Ben’s accuracy has everything to do with receivers dropping the ball. If you really watched the game you would know that. Put the Pom Poms down and watch the game….it will make you smarter.

  13. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Apr 12, 2017 5:09 PM
    Big Ben needs to work on his accuracy instead. He still has the arm strength but his ball placement left a lot to be desired in AFCC game.

    Not true at all. Receivers ran the wrong routes all game and it is not Ben’s fault that the receivers do not fight for the deep balls.

  14. Big ben and playoff games are always fights through nagging injuries. No personnel is going to change that. But clearly heath miller was a fantastic tight end. We will see who they get.

  15. Roethlisberger disputes report that he’s lobbying for a tight end

    Well he’s at least lobbying now.

  16. This is the 2nd “report” from Aditi that turned out to be BS. Not sure what she does other than fabricate headlines. Don’t believe anything you read this time of year re: draft needs, favorites, etc. All a head game from one team to another.

  17. Need to focus on the secondary. ….and keep the rugby balls away from practice! (That was an interesting experiment!!)

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