Sidney Jones declares he’ll play this season

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Despite tearing his Achilles during his pro day, an injury many figured equalled an automatic redshirt season, Sidney Jones plans to make an impact for someone this year.

The University of Washington cornerback told Matt Bowen of that he plans to be back on the field sooner than people anticipate, after the March 12 injury.

I’m going to be back on the field in six months, . . . I’ll be ready to play,” Jones said. “The doctor said I’ll be running in four months. From there, it’s just getting my strength back. I’ll for sure be playing this season in my mind.”

Expected to be a first-round pick before the injury (but part of a deep class of corners), Jones’ stock will certainly be downgraded because of the injury, so you can’t blame him for telling teams he won’t really miss that much time. His agent said the six-month window was a worst case scenario, and that doctors told them he could be playing “by the end of October at the latest.”

That could still mean he opens the season on the physically unable to perform list, but that’s still better than many imagined.

His surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, who also worked on Terrell Suggs in 2012. Suggs was back in less than six months from his torn Achilles.

“A lot of people have come back from this injury and played at a high level,” Jones said. “I don’t think I’ll be much different, knowing my mindset, my drive for this game and wanting to get back.”

Now he also has a financial incentive for convincing teams he’s healthy, as well.

9 responses to “Sidney Jones declares he’ll play this season

  1. Packers should be running to the podium with Jones name on the card if he’s still there. This is a team that will make the playoffs so missing out on the first month or so of the season is something this team can handle. Plus they don’t typically throw rookies into the fire. So not having him early in the season shouldn’t be much of a lose

  2. Talented young man and could possibly be a pro bowl type player, but someone needs to remind him its not up to you to determine whether you play or not.

  3. Do we have any idea to what extent Jones’s Achilles was torn? I’ve heard it mentioned that Suggs’s first Achilles tear was not a complete one, and so that factored in to his relatively quick return to the field.

  4. Seriously… take your time. Tearing an Achilles involves way more than just the Achilles. Your hamstring will also weaken… you need to make sure you build that back up as well. No need to prove that you are tough. Rehab hard and come back only when your body is ready.

  5. If he is still there when the Ravens make their first 3rd round pick, I hope they take him. Carr is a stop-gap and who knows whether Jimmy Smith will be healthy next year, so the Ravens need to think long-term at CB. Even if he doesn’t play next year, he is the kind of player who will be shutting down receivers for 9-10 years.

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