T.J. Watt to work out for Dolphins, 49ers and Saints

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Wisconsin linebacker T.J. Watt said recently that teams have been looking at him as both an inside and outside linebacker as well as on the defensive line during workouts and he’ll have a few more teams put him through his paces this week.

Watt told NFL.com that he has workouts scheduled with the Dolphins, 49ers and Saints this week. He’s also worked out for the Cowboys, Lions and Patriots over the course of the pre-draft process and visited the Redskins. Watt said he’s also set to visit the Broncos, making for a busy slate that the linebacker says he is happy to navigate.

“Through the whole first half of this whole thing, my schedule had been set and nothing had really changed. Then, to have coaches call in late and kind of pack the whole weekend and have multiple workouts back to back, some people would shy away from it,” Watt said. “But at the same time, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. If a coach is going to take the time to fly all the way up to Madison, Wisconsin, to see me work out, I’m going to do whatever I can to show him I can play ball for their club.”

Given his production with the Badgers and the amount of interest that he’s generated around the league, it would be a surprise if he doesn’t join his brother J.J. as a first-round pick when the draft gets underway later this month.

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  1. Please..

    I want someone ahead of my Steelers to take this guy so my GM won’t be stupid and take him.

    How many times does a brother pan out to be as good as the brother who’s already made it?

    Exactly. I want nothing to do with T.J. Watt. He’s living off his older brother’s reputation.

  2. “How many times does a brother pan out to be as good as the brother who’s already made it?”

    TJ doesnt have to be as good as JJ to be a success in the NFL. Eli Manning, Vontae Davis, Michael Bennett, Kyle Long are all examples of perfectly successful siblings of talented NFL players.

  3. @realdealsteel

    You need to learn a little about College Players. He was an All-American LB on a good Wisconsin team, All Big 10 Team, ranked 8th fasted LB, 5th strongest, tied for 1st in the shuttle (the most important test in my opinion). Had 10.5 Sacks and by the way, he is also 6’6″. Yes, he could stand to gain about 15-20lbs for NFL play as an Edge Rusher. However, he certainly is not given these accolades because of his brother!

  4. TJ Watt may not be in the running for Defensive player of the year or a Luke Keuchly, he will be an improvement to almost any LB group. As a UW fan he reminds me of Chris Borland whom I felt would have had a VERY Good career in the NFL if he cared to stick it out.

    I think he would be similar to Chad Greenway…. nothing crazy playmaking wise… but he will be where he is suppose to be, and play consistent week in and out.

  5. Will Watt be the BPA at 29? Nice fodder to consider and debate until the draft but only the Shadow knows. My gut says no at 29. A trade down for an earlier 2nd and change could be an option for Ted and still get the players most valued on the board.
    Comp picks are tradeable this year also. Sincerely,

  6. @realdealsteel

    A+ for most irrelevant comment that will be made on this website today. I won’t even bring up the Ronde Barbers, Eli Mannings, Clay Matthews’ (3rd generation NFL player BTW), Martellus Bennetts, Jason McCourtys (etc) of the world.

    There is absolutely a genetic component to what makes a great football player. That doesn’t matter, though. TJ Watt is a first round talent based on his own accolades. Being the brother of an NFL star might get your foot in the door….

    -Emory Smith (younger sibling of Emmitt Smith who got a couple PS spots on the Packers and Cowboys)
    -Jordan Rodgers (younger sibling of Aaron Rodgers, played on Jax PS undrafted)
    -Jordan Palmer (younger sibling of Carson Palmer, 6th round pick of the Redskins)

    …. being the younger brother of an NFL star certainly does not launch you to the first round by itself.

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