Belichick on Brady: “It isn’t all about talent”

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The CNBC interview of Patriots coach Bill Belichick, arguably the greatest coach of all time, included his assement of arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

Really special player to coach,” Belichick said of Tom Brady. “Tom works very hard. He is very smart, he’s trained hard, he’s worked hard on his throwing mechanics, he’s worked hard on his mental understanding of the game and process. He’s earned everything that he has achieved, but . . . he’s not a great natural athlete. He is a very smart, instinctive football player.”

And here’s the point that all incoming rookies should keep in mind: Your talent will only take you so far.

“It isn’t all about talent,” Belichick said. “It is about dependability, consistency and being able to improve. And again if you work hard and you are coachable and you understand what you need to do you can improve.”

Brady has never rested on his accomplishments. He has always pushed and pushed to get better, to do more, to achieve more.

Without that mindset, he wouldn’t have a chance to be playing into his 40s. There’s a chance that, without that work ethic, commitment, and humility, he’d already be done.

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  1. “There’s a chance that, without that work ethic, commitment, and humility, he’d probably have been a career journeyman”.

    Fixed that for you.

  2. Bill shows he really still doesnt know anything about high level QB play lol. Brady is not an athletic talent but he has ELITE QB talent in nuances of qb play…

  3. It really couldn’t be said any better. Coach is right.

    Look, if you are playing in the NFL.. you have “talent.” Honestly, you wouldn’t get to that point if you didn’t. The players who combine that talent with “dependability, consistency and being able to improve. And again if you work hard and you are coachable and you understand what you need to do you can improve;” those are the superstars of the NFL.

  4. good article. In a little bit the resident trolls will work hard to turn it toxic so glad I got my read in first.

  5. He is right. I mean brady is a great QB in a system that any college QB could master, see Garoppollo and Cassel, and one that has the plays spied on with the help of ernie adams.

  6. I knew when Brock Oswiller told Bill O’Brien “I’m not Tom Brady” I took that as Brock wasn’t willing to work overtime.

    Some guys work until their shift is over.
    Some guys work until they get it right.

    I’m more of the former but I respect the hell out of the latter.

  7. and yet people hate on him constantly… I don’t get how the hard worker, late round draft pick, cinderella story is the villain and people rally behind Peyton Manning. Tom Brady is the GOAT. It’s not even a discussion anymore.

  8. Do you know who is not a system QB? Johnny Manzel. He’s unemployed. But every QB that is currently employed is in a system.

    Every QB is a system QB. Just some are not successful as others within their system.

  9. In other words – it’s not just talent, it’s about application. All those other things (consistency, learning, dependability, perseverance, etc) all boil down to how you apply yourself to the task. A truism for all life’s challenges.

  10. Wow the Patriots in Boston consistently attract better players than Buffalo and New Jersey. Our founding fathers are the GOAT for putting a big city on the coast. Thank god Ben Franklin didn’t take his talent to Gary, Indiana.

  11. .
    Could any of the above define the word ” system” for me? Yeah, didn’t think so. It’s highly nonsensical to use words you can’t define.

    BTW…. Which other QBs would fit your term ” system”? Brees, Aaron Rogers? Russell Wilson?

  12. i would argue and disagree with bill by saying yeah to your defensive minded athletic measurable intellect brady is not talented. BUT as a passer and as a truly gifted thrower of the football… brady is as talented as we have ever seen. thanks bill

  13. Belichick and Brady are perfect for each other and neither would be as successful without the other. Brady is an extension of Belichick on the field. Belichick has said before when asked who is the best quarterback that there is no one he would rather have than Tom Brady.

    If Tom Brady is a system quarterback, then it’s Tom Brady’s system. If it really were a system, everyone else would be using it.

    The Harvey Dent Batman quote best sums up Tom Brady and football fans.

    “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

  14. As a fan of another team in the AFC east twice a year I hope to see Brady have a bad game. The rest of the time I just enjoy the opportunity to watch him. Anyone that can’t appreciate watching one of the greatest competitors of all time practice his craft isn’t a fan of the game, they’re just a fanboy of their own team. Marino was the best pure passer I ever saw and Montana in his prime was probably the most physically gifted QB but Brady’s unique type of greatness transcends the position itself. Put simply when all the meaningless statistical evaluations along with the jealous bs is filtered out what it comes down to is simply this, he is the greatest winner of the Super Bowl era. And really when it comes to measuring degrees of ‘great’ what else is there?

    The only flaw this fan of the game can find with Brady is he isn’t doing that winning in ‘my’ team’s uniform.

  15. can you imagine the rubes saying anything bad about BB and TB12…..uneducated rubes……remember when those same rubes said gump was better…..oh how time reveals ev ery truth…….BB= GOAT….TB12=GOAT….end of line

  16. It is what I have always thought in regards to Brady and conversely the failings of scouts; they always put too much emphasis on the things you see on the evening news highlight reels. They always look for and at players with the “highest ceilings” and and gloss over how shallow their “basements” are. Brady’s greatness isn’t that he has the highest ceiling, it is that where his high ceiling is is the place he refuses to leave which means his basement is rarely visited. He has never wowed like Mike Vick or Aaron Rogers but he has always succeeded and I include his stint at Michigan (listen to old interviews of his college teammates).

  17. Talent. What is that exactly? I would argue that Brady is the most talented QB ever because he does more, and wins
    more, with less raw physical and athletic ability. To me, that shows talent.

    The schmucks on here that try to denigrate a classy guy who is clearly the most talented QB in the past 20 years (or more), a role model in life, and a true team player, are merely pathetic, sore losers.

  18. “And cheating and smashing his phone don’t forget his 3 yard passes”

    Poor Terripet. It must have killed you to see Brady completing perfect 40 and 50 yard bombs to Hogan in the playoffs while your Bills were so desperate for receivers last year when they’d let Hogan go.

  19. I always laugh when I hear Brady does “more with less”. He has the greatest coach in history who gets good players to play like all stats year after year.

  20. mattwalshvideo says:
    Apr 13, 2017 1:25 PM

    He also deflates footballs and gets the defensive signals sent to his helmut.


    That’s exactly what the individuals who wear tin foil hats would say. They wear the tin foil hats to protect their imaginary brains from the signals.

  21. daysend564 says:
    Apr 13, 2017 5:03 PM

    Talent will only get you so far…
    Cheating will finish what you need
    Yet the cheating and by the science denying NFL and 31 teams failed to prevent the Patriots from winning the superbowl.

  22. System QB at best.
    Yep, that’s what they said at Michigan.
    And that’s why 198 players were drafted ahead of him.
    And that’s what some TV chumps have said for the past 17 years.

    And that’s why we love watching Brady rub all their noses in it every time he does the impossible.

    And that’s why he has already dwarfed the accomplishments of every player in NFL history.

  23. Not only did Montana cheat himself, but he also was on teams who cheated. 49ers got busted for violating the salary cap and paid a fine and draft picks. Montana knew his lineman were breaking the rules by spraying silicone on their jerseys; he said it himself. And Montana (and Bill Walsh), with Montana a willing participant, feigned their helmet mikes did not work to force their opponent to lose their own helmet radios, and then Montana and Walsh ran a scripted sequence of plays.

    So proof Montana knew his team was cheating on multiple occasions, and that Montana was an active participant.

  24. From that painful combine 40 video to the present day GOAT no one has done more or gone further with less natural ability. Brady is amazing.

  25. Clearly not a goat like Montana is.

    Good system QB. *

    Sure buddy. 99.9% of people who actually know what they are talking about have Brady over Montana. Its not even a conversation anymore. But, whatever makes you feel better about yourself and the pathetic team you root for.

  26. Montana’s fame comes from beating up an AFC that lost 15 SBs in 16 seasons over Joe’s career.

    Being a great QB is 85% making good decisions in a matter of seconds, taking care of the ball and reading defenses. The list of QBs who sucked that had cannon arms and/or could run, is very long.

    Brady is the GOAT. Only fools contest this.

  27. las0023 says:
    Apr 13, 2017 1:16 PM
    Be honest Patriot fans…without the 2 biggest chokes in NFL history your team wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl since 2005.


    um, all real fans that understand and actually watch games think what u just said is absurd, but thanks for participating. butler made the play and it was amazing, u just cant give credit bc youre seeing blurry through your tears. and the falcons game, well, we did what we had to do. if your team couldnt have or wouldnt have done that, it doesnt diminish what the patriots did, it just makes your team subpar compared to ours.

  28. las0023 says:
    Apr 13, 2017 1:16 PM
    Be honest Patriot fans…without the 2 biggest chokes in NFL history your team wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl since 2005.


    and to be honest, without two of the luckiest flukiest plays in history, the pats could be a perfect 7-0 in super bowls. theres two ways to look at things.

  29. Belichick is probably sick of Brady getting so much love when Bill knows he created Brady and could do the same with any smart QB capable of buying into his system. Same with the 49ers and that run they had with Montana and Young. I think they’re all great QBs, but you have to wonder how much of it was system when 2 straight QBs break records. Of course, I’m probably just a hater for even daring to raise the question. Gotta love the times we live in.

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