Bengals schedule a visit with speed king John Ross

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John Ross captured everyone’s attention at the Scouting Combine, when he broke Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record.

Still, it’s hard to know how that will translate into actual interest two weeks from tonight.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Ross has a late visit scheduled with the Bengals, owners of the No. 9 overall pick.

Ross put together an impressive career at the University of Washington beyond simply being fast, but past careers of combine speed kings won’t help his case.

But the idea of having a vertical threat opposite A.J. Green is intriguing, for an offense that lost a pair of starting receivers in free agency a year ago. They brought back Brandon LaFell, but have little behind him for Andy Dalton to throw to.

10 responses to “Bengals schedule a visit with speed king John Ross

  1. great, but how far can he run in 3 seconds? Because that’s all the time Andy’s gonna have before he has to throw the ball.

  2. Gotta lot of faith in Paul Alexander. I hope you are wrong about the protection this year, but I get it. Alot of people forget big Whit had some trouble his first year too. I love finding out that Ced is mma training with the same guy whit goes to in the off season to better handle the bull rush and get a stronger core. All comments are that he is doing great there, and has great athletic gifts also. We need that other guy outside to take the top off defense, though Ross is to early at 9 and won’t be there at 41. Maybe the trade is in the works already and we are getting Clevelands 12th pick for AJ and there is about right for him.

  3. boomer80118,

    I like your optimism, and I really hope you’re right – but I’m not too sure. I keep reminding myself that last year was Ced’s first full year back in football after a knee injury.

    When Geno was coming back from his knee injury, his first year was really mediocre, and it wasn’t until his second year that he was back to top form. Hopefully another offseason to heal and get more confident will help.

    If not, Dalton’s going to have to run for his life.

  4. I’m hoping for Fournette, but it’s hard not to get excited about the idea of Ross across from AJ Green.

  5. Can’t wait to see Dalton underthrow this guy by 15 yards on the deep out.

    There’s a great restaurant in the hood of Milwaukee called Speed Queen. Awesome bbq pork on bread. If the bengals draft this guy, Speed Queen is probably a more accurate moniker given his sissy teammates Burfict and Pacman.

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