Could Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman truly be linked?

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The Thursday morning report from ESPN’s Ed Werder regarding running back Marshawn Lynch contained an intriguing alternative regarding his apparent plan to play for the Raiders. If not the Raiders, Lynch could end up playing on the same team as cornerback Richard Sherman, if Sherman is traded.

As a threshold matter, Werder’s report invites speculation that the information came from Sherman, given that Sherman has said that Werder is the only reporter to whom Sherman will speak. Indeed, by reporting on matters involving Sherman without first running it by Sherman, Werder would risk landing on the same list that pretty much everyone else occupies.

If Sherman was the source, it underscores the momentum that gradually has been pointing toward Sherman leaving Seattle. Regardless of whether Sherman was the source, it’s odd to think that Lynch’s Plan B ties him to Sherman. Apart from the fact that they were teammates (teammates who both apparently have very strong feelings about the pass-not-run decision that was made at the end of Super Bowl XLIX), they’ve never been characterized as Batman and Robin.

Even if they’d like to partner up in a new city, the team in that city may not want both of them. Not many teams need a cornerback in his prime and an aging workhorse tailback who may or may not still have gas in the tank.

Of course, the Raiders could decide they want both, which could mean the looming trade talks for Lynch could expand to trade talks for Sherman, too. Which would go a long way toward giving fans in Oakland a reason to temporarily forget about Las Vegas.

And which, given the condition of the stadium where the Raiders play, would give Sherman a much more literal understanding of what a “poopfest” really is.

11 responses to “Could Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman truly be linked?

  1. Titans release McCourty – Sherman on trade block – Butler still silent.

    Titans sign offer sheet to Butler send pick to Pats. Pats forward pick to Seattle receive Sherman. Sherman and Lynch join an already loaded team – rest of NFL has funeral.

  2. not sold on lynch because of high millage and long layoff not to mention his lingering back problem. as far as sherman goes he would probably want an extension with some new guaranteed money. too costly and not worth a first round pick.

  3. With the Pats having already kicked the tires on an ageing running back (AP) and in the mix for Sherman if the Saints (or someone else) take Butler, I think Belichick has something up his sleeve.

    But I doubt Belichick will send the Seahawks anything for Marshawn — he’ll have to turn up in Seattle and insist on being paid or released first.

  4. I’ve posted it before, several times. If Seattle is ready to deal they can have the Raiders 4th and TJ Carrie for Sherman and the rights to Lynch.

    If they can restructure Sherman’s contract the 4th can be a 3rd.

  5. The Lynch part will be easy. Trade for a later round pick. But, as much of a headache that Sherman has been lately for the team, he won’t be cheap. Anybody thinking the Seahawks would give him up for anything less than a first round pick is crazy.

    He has lost a step and since getting paid, he doesn’t play with the chip on his shoulder that made him who he is. But he’s still a top corner and has another season or 2 of elite potential before his aging body starts holding him back. Good time to trade him if they really are serious about it, but they won’t give him up cheaply.

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