Education is still a priority for Josh Dobbs, even with draft approaching

Getty Images

Unlike most players who are preparing for the draft, former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs didn’t withdraw from school. Instead, he has shuttled between the IMG training facility in Florida and Knoxville to finish the final six hours of classwork needed for graduation. Appearing on Thursday’s PFT Live, Dobbs said he’s racked up plenty of frequent flier miles throughout the semester.

Between now and the draft, Dobbs will be doing a different kind of flying. After an upcoming visit to the Chiefs (he already has visited the Steelers), Dobbs will head to Arizona for the annual Design/Build/Fly Competition, pitting students from schools throughout the country in a test of their aeronautical skills as demonstrated through the construction and maneuvering of a model aircraft.

The effort underscores Dobbs’ commitment to his education; at a time when plenty of college football players essentially major in football, Dobbs says he has a double major — football and aerospace engineering. And, as he explained it, the demands on his time while doing both will translate well to when he’s focused solely on football.