Jay Cutler still considering retiring

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Two months ago, former Bears and Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler was said to be considering retiring, and that’s still the case.

Cutler is still deciding whether he wants to play or call it quits, according to ESPN.

If Cutler does want to play he’ll find a job somewhere, but it won’t be a job that pays him anything close to the $18 million a year he averaged over the last three years on the contract he signed with the Bears in 2014. More likely a team would offer Cutler a few million dollars, with the chance to earn more with incentives.

That might not be enough for Cutler, who is financially comfortable after making more than $100 million in his career. We may have seen Cutler play for the last time.

43 responses to “Jay Cutler still considering retiring

  1. For the sake of teams that are desperate enough to consider taking a flyer on him….let’s hope he does. No team deserves what he would do to them.

  2. Apparently nobody wants Cutler, so “retiring” may be his only option. It’s not like he’s going to starve to death anytime soon, so I don’t feel sorry for him.

  3. He may not ever have been among the best to play the game, but you won’t find many QB’s tougher than Jay. He took a beating in a lot of games with the Bears and I wish him well whatever he decides to do.

  4. This guy didn’t give a damn when he WANTED to play. I can’t imagine what a team would get from him now.

  5. It was never clear to me that he actually wanted to play, and he tapped out in the biggest single game of his career.

  6. It’s not retirement when 32 teams decide not to hire you. Jay, you are unemployed.

    The smart move is to wait around and wait for injuries to occur. Teams get desperate, especially when they feel they have a playoff chance.

  7. Tampa needs a back up behind Winston after letting glennon go and missing on nick foles. 2 year 6 mil should be enough as he would probably never take the field

  8. I find it ironic that he gets all the blame for what happened in Chicago. Terrible offensive lines, receivers with names like Hester, Knox etc. Three years ago the Bears scored the second most points in the league. Unfortunately their
    defense gave up the most points in the league. Everybody called him a coach killer. But I notice many of these coaches are not in the league anymore, therefore it was not Cutler who got them fired, they were no good.

  9. by his level of play, cutler has been retired for many years already…his entire tenure in chicago, preceded by a season or two in denver.

    the fact that kyle orton, tim tebow and jay cutler are forever linked by the denv-chic trade is 1 of the more bizarre personnel aspects of the nfl

  10. I’d say a nine figure net worth propels you way past the “financially comfortable” range into something more like the “filthy rich” category

  11. He didn’t want to play the last 3 years of his career, why would he want to play now?

  12. It’s amazing to me that a man who’s been a loser his entire football life can end up making $100 million.

  13. I respect the history of the Chicago Bears.

    That said, from a fan standpoint, it’s got
    to be a little depressing to think that this
    strong-armed head case
    –whose poor judgement led his once promising career to ultimate mediocrity–
    could hold all major Bears passer records
    after 8 just years there.

    Guess the legacy remains the great running backs: Gayle Sayers & Walter Payton
    (two of the NFL’s all-time most watchable players).

  14. Cutler is better than Stafford.

    Lions are fools not scoop this big arm guy up. Plus Cutler has a playoff win, Stafford chokes in the playoffs, 0-2!

  15. I bet the Jets sign him right after the draft. It’s just a hunch but it sounds like a move they would make.

  16. Young kids, hot successful wife, and your body is still somewhat intact. Retire now Jay. I thought that was his decision once the Bears released him, and still believe it. For all the garbage he gets over his body language and such, football isn’t his entire life, unlike a lot of NFL guys. He strikes me as someone who’s kept his money, and won’t have an issue living a comfortable life.

  17. Cutler’s career is a case of wasted talent with inferior talent surrounding him. With the right coaching he would have been better. In the right system with the right players around him he could have been a top 10 QB for his career.

  18. vikings need a qb. At least he can throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield, which is further than their last two qb’s have been able to throw it.

  19. He’ll finally have time to work on that buddy movie with him and Rivers. Something about driving across the country together, maybe a kidnapping, mistaken identity, they could run over Eli with a train

  20. Cutler threw for 4,000 yards once in his career and never as a bear. Think about that. Only takes 250 yards per game to do that. Last year 13 guys did it and even Blake Bortles was 70 yards away from doing it. How was cutler ever hyped?

  21. Cutler is being a baby, as usual. Second and third tier QBs get put on hold until after the draft. If bad teams don’t end up getting the QB they want or draft a project, they look to guys like Cutler, Gabbert, and Kaepernick to “fill in” until they get a better QB or the project is ready. This isn’t a new trend. I laughed when I saw the “Kaep is being blackballed” articles because they’re nonsense. All of them will be signed by the middle of May.

  22. Cutler has always been overrated by the sports media. I do not know who is interested is seeing him play. He wore out his welcome in Denver and Chicago. He has earned his pound of flesh. Let him retire and while I wish him the best not may people will care when he does retire. He is not a Hall of Fame caliber player, Time to move on.

  23. Still think he will end up in Arizona. BA believes in forgiveness and needs a rocket-armed pocket passer. Cutty is about five years younger than CP3 and we all know he’s not playing 16 games. Cutty to AZ for a late career renaissance!

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