Lawyer says email shows Eli Manning defrauded memorabilia collectors

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A significant piece of evidence has emerged in the longstanding lawsuit pitting sports memorabilia collectors against the Giants and Eli Manning.

An email sent from Manning to the Giants’ equipment manager in 2010 requested “2 helmets that can pass as game used,” according to court documents obtained by the New York Post. That email, according to plaintiffs’ lawyer Brian Brook, shows that Manning was knowingly passing off any old Giants helmets as helmets he actually wore in games. Manning is accused of working with memorabilia dealer Steiner Sports to sell helmets to fans who thought they were buying authentic game-used gear.

Brook told the Post that the email represents “direct evidence that Manning knowingly gave fraudulent helmets to Steiner for sale to fans.”

The email had not previously been disclosed. Brook accused the Giants of deleting emails that could have reflected badly on the team in this case, but this email came from Manning’s personal account. Brook did credit Manning and his attorneys for disclosing the email.

In a statement, lawyers for the Giants said the email was taken out of context.

The defendants in the case include not only Manning and Steiner Sports but also the Giants, the team’s equipment manager and others.

36 responses to “Lawyer says email shows Eli Manning defrauded memorabilia collectors

  1. It’s very important that Manning pays for the medical care of the people he defrauded. Obviously, if you’re paying hundreds or thousands of dollars because some guy wore it in a game once then you probably have serious mental issues that should not be ignored.

  2. FAR worse than Deflategate. Manning should be punished although we all know that’s not about to happen. And hey, I’m a Giants guy. This is about as low as you get.

  3. There damn well better be an NFL investigation into this… This HAS to fall under the “Personal Conduct” policy, and therefore Eli could/should be suspended by everyone’s favorite commish!

  4. Last I heard… Eli is considered innocent until a jury of his peers declare him to be otherwise.

    From an Arizona Cardinals fan.

  5. Maybe he thought he the helmets were used. The man doesnt look all that bright. Or he will blame concussions which the giants convered up.

  6. Sure it will all be settled with the stroke of a check, but that brings up the issue of the Giants and players knowingly trying to ripoff the fans of the NFL product. The guy who runs the league really should not take that lightly. People really should be suspended for those actions.

  7. A couple things to keep in mind before jumping to issuing suspensions/punishments:

    1. Plaintiff’s lawyer makes a leap in logic not supported by the email on its face. That Eli’s request was somehow tied to Steiner. He just asked for the helmets. Could have been a gift to a friend of a friend. Or he could have given them to Steiner. Fact is, we don’t know from this. We just know he asked for helmets that can pass as game worn.

    2. Let’s assume Eli did everything he’s accused of – this is far different from deflategate, as it doesn’t involve on-field product. Yes, it’s a bad look for the shield. I would expect a hefty fine to the Giants and Eli if true. But this doesn’t seem in line with a suspension-worthy event. If the worst is true, it is breach of contract and civil fraud. Bad, but not necessarily covered by the personal conduct policy.

    3. Buying game worn memorabilia feels like the sports equivalent of buying used panties online. Something feels off with the whole market. This comment doesn’t advance the conversation on Manning, but had to be said.

  8. eli and the giants have tarnished the shield and league image. commish needs to punish them. eli gets four games, giants lose their first rounder and pay a heavy fine with a 36 million cap penalty due to “violating the spirit of the game” as mara once eloquently put it.

  9. Not all helmets take a beating, particularly in a game he wasn’t sacked. It wouldn’t appear game-used if it were perfect. I rate this: No big deal.

  10. The only NFL gear I have is a Vikings Snuggie I bought on clearance at Kohl’s a few years ago. I only use it on game day though, but I wear it backwards like a robe. Kinda makes me feel like a wizard. I wore it to the Bears game at TCF 2 years ago. Game used… Hit me up if interested.

  11. If it doesn’t involve the Patriots, Goodell won’t lift a finger to investigate. End of story.

  12. Not all helmets take a beating, particularly in a game he wasn’t sacked. It wouldn’t appear game-used if it were perfect. I rate this: No big deal.
    This on its own may not be such a big deal. But, given the currently on-going litigation for this very thing (fraudulent game-used equipment sales), it is certainly a very big piece of the puzzle.

    They’re all crooked. Throw the book at them.
    Force Mara to sell and kick Eli out of the league!

  13. In a statement, lawyers for the Giants said the email was taken out of context.

    Well, then supply the context under which it was written and he would be easily exonerated…….assuming there is some other context where this doesn’t look shady.

  14. Sports memorabilia dealers and most big time ‘collectors’ land somewhere on the evolutionary scale between used car salespeople and telemarketers, that’s well above personal injury and product liability lawyers but still below realtors and funeral directors. Simply as a result of who is holding the tar brush I am more than willing to give Eli Manning, who is rightfully well known for his charitable work, the benefit of a doubt until it is proven to be unjustified.

  15. So Eli Manning who probably makes over $25 million a year with endorsements is going to run a scam to make $300 that gets split between Eli, the equipment manager and the memorabilia dealer. This is very believable.

  16. I will never deal with sports memorability companies. I bought a “Drew Brees”-signed football 0n Amazon. Amazon emailed me months later saying it might be fraudulent so they gave a credit. Good job by Amazon but I will never buy items like this again.

  17. Pretty sad that a guy whose made all those millions is so greedy he defrauded fans to pick up a few thousand extra dollars.

    In RI if you knowingly pass a bad check of $500 or more its criminal fraud and I suspect a lot more money than that changed hands here. Manning should be facing criminal fraud charges and jail time if this turns out to be true.

  18. I smell another BS story… Are they recruiting NFL players for this crap? Pats/Giants super bowl.. get ready!

  19. Doesn’t mean anything. It could be taken as “get me 2 of my helmets that were used in games” any good lawyer would point that out.

  20. It is worth pointing that it’s the opposing attorney making the claim that the email shows fraud. So it’s coming from a very biased source.

    Still, the email itself does not look good. I won’t condemn the guy yet, but…yikes. If it is what the attorney says it is, then shame on him.

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