Lions unveil new uniforms

The Lions are getting a new look.

At a ceremony in Detroit tonight, the Lions have unveiled new uniforms, with four jersey options: Blue for home games, white for away games, a silver “Color Rush” jersey and a throwback jersey similar to the jerseys the Lions wore in the 1930s.

The Lions will wear blue pants on the road and silver pants at home, with silver pants the same color as the silver jerseys on “Color Rush” games.

Lions President Rod Wood has been saying for months that the team would give itself a fresh new look, and had been working closely with Nike on the new designs.

37 responses to “Lions unveil new uniforms

  1. The seamless design to the front is really sharp. But how can they boast that they’re so much lighter than the old design? Doesn’t that give the Lions an unfair advantage? Like when the Yankees wore cotton uniforms.

  2. The ’30s throwback uni is sweet. By far the best of the group. Nike could have stopped here and I would have been happy.

    I do like the new Blue/Silver uni quite a bit – but the team name on the sleeve is amateurish looking. The memorial logo on the opposite sleeve is way too big. The nouveau number font is meh, but I like how the numbers have just silver borders now and the black is gone.

    Something doesn’t look quite right about the white jersey / blue pant combo. Reminds me of a college team (U.Buffalo maybe?).

    Not crazy about the gray, but in the grand spectrum of Color Rush fails, this isn’t the worst I’ve seen.

  3. Silver jerseys with silver pants? That will win them some games. The blue should be more prominent as it is a cool shade of blue.

  4. I would prefer silver pants with the road jerseys, but overall an improved look. Like someone else said, if you have to have a color rush uniform this one could’ve been a lot worse…

  5. So are all the color rush uni’s going to become permanent for Thursday night games? I don’t care for most of them, but I did like the Bengals all-white with regular block numbers ala the Colts and 49ers.

  6. That’s all that was left to thrust the Lions into the Super Bowl!

    Not sure I really like them – it looks like they are now ‘Honolulu blue and gray’, not silver.

    But, most importantly, this may finally erase the last visual vestige of the Millen era!

  7. I’ve never really been a fan of putting the name of the team or city on the uniform in BIG BLOCKY letters. The Cleveland uniforms are laughable. These aren’t quite as bad as the Browns, but do the players really need a unpleasant reminder of the sucky city they play in and the crappy team they play for every time they look in the mirror? If they forget what team they’re on they can just look at their sleeve, their pants, their jersey, and think about next year’s free agency.
    It’s funny that the new Lions jerseys are a big deal. I would worry more about that crap product they put on the field instead of slapping lipstick on a pig and thinking that there pretty uniforms will help them perform any better. Oh well, it should be fun playing the Detroit lint balls come color rush night. FEAR THE LINT! WE WILL PLUG UP YOUR DRYER AND KEEP YOUR CLOSE FROM DRYING PROPERLY…ROAR!

  8. Looks to me like this is nothing but a diversion. That is, to detract the Lions’ fans from their perpetual complaint that the Lions, as a force in football, really sucks.

  9. “bencoates57 says:
    Apr 13, 2017 8:58 PM
    With a name like the Lions and unis like that., don’t blame me if I confuse them a middle school team”

    It won’t be hard to confuse them at all. They play like a middle school team.

  10. lunarpie says:
    Apr 14, 2017 3:57 PM
    Lions and Dallas Thanksgiving Day BS tradition needs to end. Spread the wealth!


    Lions invented the Thanksgiving game. It’s their game. Quit crying and go invent your own tradition instead of trying to steal someone else’s.

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