O.J. Howard will skip the draft-day trip to Philadelphia

Getty Images

It’s too soon to call it a trend, but another certain first-round pick has chosen to not attend the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia.

According to Jonathan Jones of Sports Illustrated, Alabama tight end O.J. Howard plans to watch things unfold in his hometown rather than join commissioner Roger Goodell for a hug two weeks from tonight.

Howard has been projected by some as a top 10 pick, which would leave another notable absence near the top of the league’s television show.

Presumed top pick (or is he?) Myles Garrett has also chosen to skip the event, and the Texas A&M defensive end will have his draft night broadcast in some manner by a new media company under the auspices of the NFLPA.

These guys aren’t the first high picks to skip the show, but you also have to wonder how long the top players will continue to sign up to be props in exchange for a free hat.