Patriots had Damien Williams in for a visit

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Mike Gillislee isn’t the only restricted free agent running back who has paid the Patriots a visit.

Field Yates of reports that Damien Williams has also been in New England. Williams and Gillislee were once teammates with the Dolphins and Williams remained in Miami after Gillislee moved on to Buffalo.

Williams has run 87 times for 296 yards and caught 65 passes for 578 yards over 47 games for the Dolphins over the last three seasons. He has also played a significant role on special teams over the course of his career.

Like Gillislee, Williams was tendered at the original round level. Williams was undrafted, however, and wouldn’t cost the Patriots a draft pick in compensation if he signed and the Dolphins opted not to match. They would have to send a fifth-round pick to Buffalo if they added Gillislee.

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  1. Here is one of the underrated things about NE…It’s small, strategic moves like this that also make them notches above the competition.

    You just don’t see other teams looking under every rock, doubling down at one position at this rate, like NE does.

    I would love to see their travel/interview expense budget. It likely dwarfs everyone else’s.

  2. Of course, the Patriots will turn Damien into a superstar after sweeping him from us like many others before him…

  3. “My god, the way belicheat has disrespected blount is irrenhensible”

    Belicheck’s job is to field the most competitive team with the best possible players at each position while working under a salary cap. Respect does not factor in; but age, projected performance, positional depth and positional alternatives all do.

    His willingness to be up front with each player on their situation is why so many speak glowingly, regardless of how they depart. Blount has been put on notice that he can get on board or be left behind.

    *Also, “irrenhensible” isn’t a word in any language….. 😀

  4. wib22 says:
    Apr 13, 2017 8:28 AM
    My god, the way belicheat has disrespected blount is irrenhensible


    What you are calling respect would really be paying someone for past performance instead of expected future performance.

    It’s not personal at all. They think the RB position is worth a certain amount and then a guy and Blount’s skill level and age on top of that. They offer what they think he’s worth, take it or leave it.

    That’s it.

  5. You would think that more teams would look at Gillislee. For a fifth rounder he would be a steal. He has been productive when given the opportunity. Thinking that he would be a great fit for the Lions.

  6. Not sour grapes here… but the Dolphins gave both these guys every shot at being a Starter and they did not measure up. They are both very solid. Williams has pass catching abilty and a decent blocker. He is also an ace on ST. Gillislee is average to below as he goes down on first contact and a liability blocking. The Dolphins will match the offer as he gets peanuts now, but if it goes to a silly amount say… $2M let him walk. They could just sign any veteran back for less. Pederson, Marshawn, etc. The Dolphins have Ajayi and Drake… (and Storm Johnson and Senorise Perry). Two no names that deserve a chance…. no worries. I do like the strategy of the Patriots though. They have the Cap Space and the NFL is a business, both on and off the field.

  7. If Williams stays with Miami how does he look at Landry in the face after he was in the patriots house? Landry has just predicted a sweep of the patriots and said the patriots are no longer their big brother. Right now Williams looks like a traitor

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