Report: Giants offered Hankins $7 million per year

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Free agent defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins has begun shopping himself around, in hopes of creating some leverage.

And now the Giants are using a little of their own, in hopes of keeping him.

According to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, the Giants have offered Hankins a four-year deal worth $28 million.

“At some point, you got to be pragmatic about it,’’ said the Post’s “source familiar with the offer.”

It’s reasonable to suspect that source is not the same one which suggested Hankins was looking for $10 million per year, or the one trying to maximize his earnings.

That deal is comparable to the one Nick Fairley got from the Saints. And other than Brandon Williams’ deal with the Ravens (five years $52.25 million), the market has been soft for the big guys this offseason, with good veterans having to settle for one-year deals.

Whether he misread the market or not, Hankins is young enough (25) and good enough that he shouldn’t have to go that route, and someone who knows what the Giants offered is trying to make it sound like the deal he ought to take.

12 responses to “Report: Giants offered Hankins $7 million per year

  1. I love all the bargain hunting fans. Play for less for my team. As if they would ever work for less on their job.

  2. redlikethepig says:
    Apr 13, 2017 10:09 AM
    I love all the bargain hunting fans. Play for less for my team. As if they would ever work for less on their job.

    Playing one year at 5 million is not LESS than playing for nothing.

    Right now – he has no job.

  3. Hankins is like many (but not all) pro athletes who relies too much on his agents. Hankins has awful agents, the brothers Carl and Kevin Poston. Look them up. Carl was suspended for 2 years for mishandling Lavarr Arrington’s contract. The brothers only have 2 or 3 remaining clients.

    Lots of NFL reporters suck up to agents because they are sources for them. Looks like some reporters are sucking up to the Postons in this situation.

    Hankins is a grown man and can decide for himself whether to take the Giants offer or sign a one year deal (if there is one on the table) from another team. It’s pretty obvious that there isn’t demand for Hankins’s service at a level above the Giants’s offer. Hankins’s agents gave him bad advice and Hankins made the mistake of not getting a better understanding of the situation himself.

  4. If I were the Giants and he decides to ignore their offer then I’d rescind it and just draft a player to replace him. Then he can go out and play on a one-year deal for half. It reminds me of Latrell Sprewell turning down a 3-year $21M deal because it wasn’t enough to ‘feed his family’.

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