Thursday morning one-liners

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The Bills are confusing some with their interest in all these QBs.

The Dolphins are taking a look at a basketball player (maybe since the Heat didn’t make the playoffs they were just being helpful).

Trying to read tea leaves with the Patriots is always tricky.

The Jets continue to make eyes at a certain QB.

The Ravens asked for no bye after their London trip.

Bengals RB Jeremy Hill remains confident after two down years.

The conventional wisdom is the Browns would be making a mistake passing DE Myles Garrett to take a QB.

The Steelers brought in a couple of CBs for visits.

The Texans love Lamp.

The Colts are bringing a CB in for a visit.

The Jaguars could use some more OL depth even though this isn’t a great draft for it.

Titans QB Marcus Mariota will be in Nashville next week for the offseason conditioning program.

The Broncos gave Steve Antonopulos a new title (though “Greek” was a pretty good one already).

The Chiefs could find a big-play threat at RB again this year.

The Chargers hung onto TE Jeff Cumberland.

The Raiders are expecting significant progress from S Karl Joseph.

There’s a reason the Cowboys haven’t had a send-off press conference for Tony Romo.

Giants WR Odell Beckham made an interesting tattoo choice.

The Eagles could clearly use an upgrade at RB.

Playing it safe might be the best choice for Washington when it comes to the draft.

The Bears are looking at some deeper options at QB.

The Lions seem intent on adding at TE in this draft.

The Packers are an intriguing option for T.J. Watt.

The Vikings haven’t inspired confidence this offseason.

The Falcons might struggle to replace G Chris Chester in this draft.

Some think the Panthers should pass on RBs in the first round.

It’s not the biggest immediate need for the Saints, but drafting a QB makes some sense.

The Buccaneers brought RB Dalvin Cook in for a visit.

Suggestions for a new Cardinals stadium name includes one of our old favorites.

The Rams picking up the option on DT Aaron Donald was a no-brainer.

The 49ers still have a high value on RB Carlos Hyde.

Seahawks QB Trevone Boykin is training with Russell Wilson.