CBS claims it’s not “having discussions” with Dean Blandino

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Well, this is getting interesting.

Amid multiple reports (both from PFT and ESPN) that CBS will hire NFL senior V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino to serve as the network’s new rules analyst, CBS says otherwise.

“We are not looking to fill the rules analyst position, and we are not having discussions with Dean Blandino,” the network told John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal.

It’s not a flat, blanket, not-now-not-ever denial. Given that Blandino will remain with the NFL through the end of May, CBS possibly is treading lightly to avoid any potential complications or conflicts of interest, waiting for him to wiggle free officially and clearly before making the move.

Look at it this way: If PFT (NBC) is reporting CBS and ESPN is reporting CBS and FOX has Mike Pereira, the only other network that could be looking for a rules analyst would be NFL Network. And it’s safe to say Blandino isn’t leaving the league office to go to work at the league-owned network.

UPDATE 11:55 a.m. ET: It’s likely FOX, which would team Blandino with Pereira.

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  1. NFL official twitter account said he’s definitely leaving so looks like they need a new “independent” replay reviewer. I bet Ted “independent” Wells is available.

  2. this just in – Blandino re-looked at the email on his monitor and it’s cVs that might want to hire him. Not cBs.

  3. In all seriousness, why would CBS hire a guy for their rules analyst position who has zero experience in that area? Just because he was VP of officiating for the NFL, doesn’t mean anything other than he was a yes-man for the league who got that job not on any merit but on his ability to kiss the ring, so to speak.

  4. “We are not looking to fill the rules analyst position, and we are not having discussions with Dean Blandino.”

    No, because you already had discussions with Dean Blandino and, as a result, the rules analyst position has been filled.

  5. Aside from maybe already hiring him, they could just be lying. It’s not like they have anything to gain by admitting they are looking at him, or anything to lose by hiring him after denying it.

  6. Another a former inept ref trying to explain if another inept ref on the field got the play right on another network.Makes me wonder if 1+1=3 has been right all along

  7. They are all just waiting for Roger to tell them what is going to happen next. Unfortunately there’s been a death in the Mara/Rooney family and none of them are currently unavailable to operate the goodellbot.

  8. Example of fake sports news falling over themselves for no reason. It will become evident where he is going soon enough. Now, you know why the sources are unnamed. They are wrong but I’m sure they’ll be used on another hard hitting story.

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