Lions say the right things about Matthew Stafford contract talks

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The Lions unveiled their new uniforms yesterday, and they sound at least a little optimistic that quarterback Matthew Stafford’s going to be wearing them for some time to come.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Lions General Manager Bob Quinn was short on specifics but hopeful in tone.

“It’s interesting when we’re sitting down in draft meetings the last couple weeks and we go through every position no matter if we need one or not,” Quinn said. “And you look across the country and there’s really a lack of quarterbacks when you look at across the NFL and college football. So I think we’re fortunate situation to have Matthew as a member of our team and we’re hoping to make that a long-term thing.”

They started talking last month at the Scouting Combine, but it could be another few months before anything is finished. He’s entering the final season of the extension he signed in 2013, and this contract could push the limits for quarterback deals close to the $25 million a year range.

“It’s not done yet,” Quinn said. “We’re in the very early stages of talking to Matthew and his representatives. Matthew’s a quarterback that I want here and he’s a quarterback that Coach [Jim] Caldwell wants here, so we’re in the early stages. It takes two sides to do a deal and we’re working towards that.”

It’s at least more cordial so far than what’s happened with Washington at Kirk Cousins, though Stafford has a much longer record of sustained positive results.

7 responses to “Lions say the right things about Matthew Stafford contract talks

  1. As a longtime Lions fan I hope they get it done. It’s scary to think he’s only 29 – he could theoretically play another 8-10 seasons. If the Lions don’t pay him, there will be teams waiting in line to give him whatever he wants.

  2. Takes “two sides” to make a deal is a shot at Stafford team to come to the table, it sounds like to me. Leaverage team Stafford.

  3. Hehateme2,

    You say Stafford hasn’t risen to his potential? Potential for what? He is without a doubt, the best QB out of his draft class and several teams would love to have him.

    He’s shattered several NFL and Detroit passing records.

    You can point to his w/l record as being his downfall, but keep in mind that he was inheriting THE 0-16 Lions team that was surrounded with bad coaching, poor management and scouting. Or you can look at the nitpicked stat for w/l records for qbs on the road and realize most qb’s struggle in this area.

    He was under consideration for MVP, until he had injured his throwing hand, late last season and set a record for most comebacks in a season.

    The man is only 29, meaning he’ll be one of the best in the league once players like Brady, Big Ben, Brees, and Rodgers decide to hang them up.

    Stafford is severely underrated by the NFL and it’s fans.

  4. Lions should grab Cutler and fire Caldwell to be replaced by Obama who can continue to run a failure into the ground like he did to America. Perfect fit f0r him, 0ne playoff win in 60 years.

    Cutler > Stafford

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