Mike Glennon ready to get started with the Bears


Last month, he became the recipient of a contract from the Bears so large that it prompted fair questions regarding who they were precisely bidding against. This week, quarterback Mike Glennon officially launches his tenure with the team.

Speaking to reporters on Friday after throwing out the first pitch at the Pirates-Cubs game (and later singing for the crowd during the seventh-inning stretch), Glennon talked about his mindset as offseason workouts open.

“It’s been a lot going on in a month, but it’s exciting stuff,” Glennon said, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. “It’s what I’ve been working for and now, finally, I get to get it started.”

He unofficially got it started via four recent sessions at a local high school with teammates like Cameron Meredith and fellow newcomer Markus Wheaton.

“There was a handful of guys that we got together, and then we went to a Bulls game,” Glennon said. “It was a good time to meet everybody, start developing some chemistry on and off the field.

“The introductions are over with. I know them all, I know them a little personally, and then just a little bit of chemistry. It’s not a whole lot but at least we got familiar with each other a bit on the field as well.”

They’ll be getting a lot more familiar with each other in the coming days and weeks. Ultimately, the question becomes whether Glennon can justify the faith the Bears have shown in him by making him the successor, after two years on the bench in Tampa, to a guy who held the job for eight years with the Bears.

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  1. Detroit, Minnesota and Green Bay will all sweep the Bears this coming season with this guy at quarterback. Chicago made a mistake bringing him in to be their starter. They should have brought him in to be in charge of food and beverage/concessions for the North concourse.


  2. This is the last chance for John Fox with Chicago, and maybe as an NFL head coach.

    I really have to question why he’d want to go down with Mike Glennon. I think there are several better rookie options, retaining Brian Hoyer was a better option.

    Hell, I would’ve given Ryan Fitzpatrick a shot. This just doesn’t make sensse.

  3. do not understand all the hate for Glennon. the guy had a good rookie year then they fired his coach and hired one who has no clue what offense is in Lovie Smith. you experts act like he lost his job in tampa when in fact it was taken from him with no chance to compete for it since lovie signed and named josh mccown the starter almost as soon as he became coach. that worked out so well they used the #1 pick on winston which meant he had zero chance to compete for the job. anybody who says they should have kept hoyer has no right to comment on Glennon. captain check down has nice stats that produced no td’s when needed, hard for him to throw picks when he is only throwing to backs out of the backfield even while his best receiver runs wide open down field. he may not be a franchise qb but he was better than what they had much better than the product of the dame hype machine people want them to waste a high pick on. also if he is as bad you claim why would the bucs offer him 8 million to sit on the bench?

  4. Go watch tape of this guy in TB: coached by a staff on the way out the door.

    He’s going to be an upgrade to Cutler. Loved Jay, but the team really needed to go in a different direction two years ago.

    Mike’s a better, more equipped Hoyer. Better leader, out of the gate, than Cutler. Upgrade

  5. All you haters are missing the genius of the whole thing. Getting a franchise QB is not just a simple matter of taking the top guy in the draft. Its a roll of the dice and the chance of getting a franchise guy in round one is not really any higher than in round 2. No one knows if these guys will be stars for flops. Maybe Glennon is a fail, or maybe he is a guy who just didn’t get the right opportunity. Pace gets to roll the dice with Glennon. Maybe it works, maybe not. He will also likely pick a rookie QB in round 2 or three of the draft and sit him, which give him another roll of the dice. If neither of those works out, he can go after a quarterback in next year’s draft which is richer in quarterbacks. Three rolls of the dice gives him a much better shot at getting the right guy. Trading numerous draft picks for someone like Garapalo would have tied his hands and if it didn’t work out, he would have no plan B.

  6. If Winston went down and we had a choice to replace him with Glennon or Cutler it would be Glennon every day of the week. Plus Glennon doesn’t have that annoying whiny face.

  7. QBU lmao! That’s a good one to wake up to! What are you basing this off of? Rivers? Yeah he has been good not great. Wilson? He was drafted out of Wisconsin so can’t count that one. Glennon? Mediocre season followed by riding the bench? Lol, ok. As much as this pains me to say I think USC would probably hold that title currently, also I believe Michigan St. currently has more QB’s in the NFL. So QBU? Whatever you have to tell yourself.

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