Pierre Garçon: Washington players “loved” Scot McCloughan

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49ers receiver Pierre Garςon joined PFT Live on Friday to discuss his new team. Given the issues that have engulfed his former team during the current offseason, he addressed some questions about that, too.

The biggest question relates to the termination of G.M. Scot McCloughan, who claims (via Michael Robinson of NFL Network) that Bruce Allen told McCloughan no one in the building likes him.

“I know all the players did love Scot,” Garςon said. “Scot was a great guy, a football guy, all the players loved Scot and definitely [are] going to miss him. Hopefully, he’ll still be around football because he was a great guy. He was all about football. It didn’t matter who you were, where you were from, he was just happy that you were playing football for him and he was happy that he scouted you and for him to bring you to D.C.”

As to a report from the Washington Post suggesting that McCloughan was drunk in the locker room on multiple occasions, Garςon was asked whether he ever witnessed that.

“No, I never really did,” Garςon said. “Scot, he’s not a vocal guy. He’s a quiet guy, he kind of stays to himself but when he starts talking to you you can tell the passion and love he has, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drunk. I’ve never seen him act any kind of way to make me even question that he was drunk.”

It’s believed that McCloughan and the team have been negotiating a settlement to his contract that would avoid any type of grievance procedures or litigation.

24 responses to “Pierre Garçon: Washington players “loved” Scot McCloughan

  1. Isn’t this the same imbecile who said Bob Griffin was a better QB than Peyton Manning?

  2. Scott is very good at drafting. The Redskins are a disaster right now and that sucks for the fans – Niners were there 2 years ago.

  3. 49ersfury says:
    Apr 15, 2017 7:35 PM
    Scotty Mac is the man. A branch off that 49er tree of greatness.
    Not a Raiders fan, however Scot is NOT a branch off of the 49ers tree. Scot got started under Ron Wolf. From there he went to Seattle as director of player personnel… because of his success in Seattle, he then became GM of the 9ers.. so if anything, he’s of the Raiders branch going back to his father Kent.

    That being said… he did a heck of a job in SF.

  4. As a lifelong fan of the Washington Redskins (a franchise that died in May of 1999), I am happy to see anybody escape Lil Danny Snyder’s everlasting dumpster fire and get the opportunity to play for a professional football team.

    Garcon is a flat-out baller. I believe him when he talks about Scot McCloughan. On the other side is just Bruce “Winning Off the Field” Allen – it doesn’t take much to be more credible than such a dreadful football guy and such a pitiful excuse for a human being.

  5. A niner fan saying he feels for the skins because he was there two years ago? So in the last two years how has the Niners pulled out of it? Not a jab. I really want to know.

  6. Whether he was back drinking or not, alcoholism is a disability under the ADA, and standing alone, cannot be the basis for termination (can’t be drinking on the job though). Employee health info also is confidential. Firing him may weak, but back channel leaks are weak and classless

  7. Scooter has a genetic bloodline of identifying NFL talent (check your facts). He’ll land on his feet in no time. Helluva baseball player too… NCAA champ at Wichita State.

  8. I think Jed York is just a younger version of Daniel Snyder. I’ve always felt that way. No hyperbole, I truly think they are the worst owners in the NFL. They both had good things going, trajectory arrow was pointing up..Harbaugh,and Scot. And both owners ran them off. Danny boy kept Bruce Allen…no bueno. Jed kept Trent Baalke…mucho no bueno.

    I get a laugh at how far the Santa Clara’s have fallen under the York’s. And don’t forget Jed’s dad, Dr. John, was just as terrible. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the dumpster fire Santa Clara’s will be our whipping boyz as long as the York’s run that franchise. What baffles me though is that some of their fans are in such denial. Which I love cuz they haven’t hit rock bottom yet. They don’t even play in Frisco no more lol. Their brand new stadium sucks…and it’s not the turf problem but that glaring sun bake that half the fans have to tolerate haha.

  9. thermanmerman99 says:
    Apr 15, 2017 7:37 PM
    Isn’t this the same imbecile who said Bob Griffin was a better QB than Peyton Manning?

    I don’t recall that but I know Garcon was once rated the worst starting WR to ever play with Manning based on some sort of statistical analysis. Maybe Peyton gave him hell over all his mistakes and he holds a grudge.

  10. I’m an Eagles fan who lives in DC. I love Garcon. I was hoping the Eagles were going to sign him this offseason. I also trust his judgement on this one.

  11. Scot didn’t have the “winning off the field” mentality that Danny Boy and Bruce are trying to cultivate for the Skins.

    Did Dan re-sign Bob Griffin yet? I think his house in Virginia is still on the market.

  12. I still see Garcon likes to talk. He was always the source of locker room leaks. It’s one of the reasons he wasn’t brought back. For the 49er fans, if you hear “sources from the locker room says…..” it’s him.

    Besides, Scot was let go because he went on a bender after his Grandmother died and ignored messages and texts from other teams for weeks. The team had no choice but to let him go.

  13. With Scot McCloughan as director of personnel, the Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, oh, and Richard Sherman in the 5th round. In fact, I think none of these all-pros were drafted in the first round. Also, they signed Doug Baldwin as a UDFA.
    Since Scot left, Seattle’s drafted such impact players as… uh… …

  14. Normaneistein– Wrong on ever single count. Probably. I can never remember Garcon speaking in public ever before. In fact, I have heard of him being called the “loudest guy on the field and the quietest guy off”. That said, he wasn’t retained because the 49ers gave him a well-deserved 47 million dollar contract.

    Scot’s bender is the implied official story, but there are rumors about having a dismissal plan in place for McCloughan involving his alcoholism for several years now. We will never know what really happened here, and we may never who know who Scot McCloughan really is, but do know who Bruce Allen is, and who Dan Snyder is, and who Pierre Garcon is, and based on the character of those men alone, I think we can form a more accurate picture of the disaster behind the scenes at Redskins Park.

    In summary, if someone contradicts Dan Snyder, it’s more than fair to believe that they are the ones telling the truth.

  15. Scotty Mac did not draft Richard Charmin and company. John the turkey Schneider did. Since then Schneider had done a poor job retaining players and drafting. All 5 of the starting OL from 2013 are either traded or left as free agents.

    I think the Redskins fired him because he failed to reach a long term deal with Kirk Cousins, and because he re-signed Vernon Davis. LOL.

  16. Since Allen has taken over Zorn, Shanahan and now McCloughan have all been shamed on the way out the door. As a lifelong fan, I am embarrassed when I talk about the management of the team. Their mode of operand i does not bode well for the future even with this years acceptable free agency signings and the fact they have most of Scot’s draft info for this year.

  17. With no information how can you as professionals just continue to bash an organization for years!? They fired a GM! Nobody cared about this dude when he was here now it’s this huge loss!? He brought nothing to the table. Our best players were here before him and still here. If this is a gossip site then point out the giants filth from the top down. The cowboys have supported criminals for decades. The Steelers cover for rapists. Etc. Is it because they don’t recognize PFT as a real media outlet, or that some lonely white guy is offended by the name that has nothing to do with him?

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