Ravens, Cardinals issue statements of support for Heap family

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As former NFL tight end Todd Heap and his family deal with the tragic loss of Todd and Ashley’s three-year-old daughter, the teams for whom Heap played have issued statements of support.

“We cannot imagine the heartbreak and sorry Todd and Ashley’s family feels right now,” said the Ravens, who made Heap a first-round pick in 2001. “This is knee-buckling news and an overwhelmingly sad tragedy. Our prayers, our thoughts and our hearts are with the Heaps, who have contributed so much to the Ravens and Baltimore community.

“We believe their deep faith and tremendous support from friend and family will help them through this unimaginable time.”

“Our hearts go out to Todd, Ashley, and the Heap family,” said the Cardinals, the team with which Heap finished his career. “It is a grief that is beyond words, which no family should ever experience. Hopefully, the prayers, love and support of their incredible group of friends and family provide them comfort that along with their strong faith will lead them through this unspeakably difficult time.”

We continue to have the Heaps in our thoughts.

9 responses to “Ravens, Cardinals issue statements of support for Heap family

  1. Very heartbreaking story. I hope they all find the strength to make it through this tragedy.

  2. My deepest condolences to Todd Heap and his family. This happened to a friend of mine several years ago, and it was an agonizing tragedy. Terrible to think of anyone else having to go through something so horrible. May God be with them.

  3. This is beyond awful, as a dad of a 3 year old myself it is unimaginable. Not only the grief, but I could only imagine the levels of soul-crushing guilt that Todd Heap is going through right now.

    Prayers and good vibes to Todd Heap, his wife Ashley and his entire family.

    Florio if anyone says anything stupid on here for this post they should be banned immediately and permanently.

  4. A nightmare that will never end and has altered lives forever. Todd, forgive yourself. It was an accident. I am sure you loved your little girl from the bottom of your heart. Man, this is horrible. Sincere condolences to the family. RIP Angel!

  5. This is a common story. It happens all the time. But it’s time to hold parents who maim or kill their children accountable.

    50 KIDS a week are run over, maimed, injured or killed weekly in the USA. It’s the reason backup cameras will be required from manufacturers starting in 2018.

    In the rush to issue proclamations of empathy and condolences by the NFL and other Pro-football royalty— I haven’t seen anything written about the child.

    The “investigation” is said to be ongoing. And police were quick to say that Heap was not “impaired”.

    This was not an accident in my view. This child died of unnatural causes. It is a homicide. Heap is culpable in her death. He may not have had intent but someone must be held accountable.

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