The top five quarterbacks in the draft, currently

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As anyone who has visited this specific electronic destination on a regular basis at any time over the past 15-plus years knows, we focus on the gathering of information (through aggregation and our own reporting) and the analysis of it, fitting pieces of the puzzle together and/or peeling the onion and/or otherwise trying to provide something more meaningful than basic facts.

When it comes to the draft, we’re not studying film or traveling to Pro Days or otherwise pretending to engage in the inherent crapshoot that is determining which successful college football players will thrive and which will fail once they make it to the next level. But through 15-plus years of doing this, people who purport to know things about how the draft will unfold either have developed a strong track record for accuracy with us, or they haven’t. One source who has proven to be very accurate in the past has shared the current assessment of the manner in which teams regard the top quarterbacks in the draft.

The top five, each of whom could potentially go in round one depending on how anxious teams are to roll the dice for a potential starter (and/or the always-elusive franchise quarterback), are as follows: (1) Mitchell Trubisky; (2) Deshaun Watson; (3) Patrick Mahomes; (4) Davis Webb; and (5) DeShone Kizer.

As the draft approaches, there seems to be a stronger sense that the quarterbacks will go earlier than previously expected. Which makes sense; some teams can’t resist the lure of a potential franchise quarterback, which often results in the guys regarded as the top quarterbacks in a given drafted being drafted sooner than they should be.

In twelve days, we’ll all know the number of first-round quarterbacks and the order in which they exit the board. The question then becomes whether in their first NFL destinations the coaching and the supporting casts will be good enough to help them become among the best in the game.

50 responses to “The top five quarterbacks in the draft, currently

  1. With Aaron on the decline, my Packers will want to be in on these QBs for sure.

  2. Our Packers need to start to get a new QB ready before we turn our backs on Aaron and kick him to the curb, if we had any around here.

  3. Soon my Packers will turn Aaron out to pasture, which obviously happens in Wisconsin all the time, so we’ll need one of these new QBs. We do a lot out in the pasture around here. We love our sheep.

  4. What a pitiful crop of QBs.
    None are worthy of a top ten pick. Possibly not even top 20.

    Don’t agree? Name the guy. Watson is as overhyped as they come. Kizer sucks. Trub is going to get eaten alive.

  5. And, when it comes to top notch QB’s, the draft experts are frequently mistaken. Ever hear of Montana (Late third). Brady (6th round) Stauback (10th round), Wilson or Prescott? What about undrafted Romo?

    Then we could add an equivalent list of misses.

    Point is, it’s largely a crap shoot.

  6. Sad that a Viking troll is 3 out of the first four posts and the article isn’t even about Rodgers. But since Rodgers has won 11 out of his last 14 starts vs the Vikings , that dominance can really start to wear on you to the point where its living rent free in an empty head.

  7. If Garapolo were in this draft with NO NFL experience he’d be right up there with the top of that bunch

    Instead he’s got actual NFL experience plus a few years learning from Brady and Belichick

    PLUS he’s already signed to a cheap contract through this year

    If I were a GM the choice is pretty clear if it’s between a proven and unproven player for the same draft pick – and with a relatively weak group like this, Garoppolo’s value is likely going up – not down

  8. Sadly, most of the teams that desperately need a franchise QB are also the teams that have a revolving door at GM and HC so…… It really doesn’t matter if they draft a QB they covet or even like because they likely won’t be around to ever seem them take a meaningful snap. Then the next man up will be stuck with them and/or the QB will never get any steadiness in a system to ever mature into a NFL QB.

  9. I know it’s tough for some fans, but let’s talk about subject of this thread….this years QB’s…not the damn Patriots backup!

    I don’t any of them will ever be remembered in five years.

  10. The only guy with a first round resume is Watson. Tribusty is overhyped. Only 13 starts and played poorly in big games. He is Mark Sanchez part 2. Kizer is super raw with horrible fundamentals. Mahomes is a system qb. Webb has some tools but is far from a finished product. This is a very weak qb class.

  11. Well, it seems the Barneys are standing at the crossroads of yet another QB decision.

    Bridgewater is simply just average, when healthy, and that’s being generous.
    With the underachieving, underwhelming Sam Bradford in the last year of his contract, and no real Plan B from Spieldope, I expect them to try and address this situation once again.
    With an offense stuck in neutral and mired 32nd in the league the last few seasons they definitely should.

    Perhaps they could try and snap up one of these guys with their 1st round pick………..Oh wait.

  12. No way Tribusty is number one, he is way overhyped and he did only have 13 starts. At the very best, the very best, he is Ryan Tannehill, that is it. I would rather have Tyrod Taylor than Tannehill. Best QB in this draft, wait and see is Mahomes, he is not a system QB, he played in the same system as Derek Carr, has all the same tools as Carr. Some have compared Mahomes to Brett Favre. Mahomes is going to be a very, very good QB, wait and see.

  13. This is a very poor class for QB. There isn’t a player worthy of even round 3. This is college football development for you. It’s the world we live in. FA is the way to go for QB.

  14. If as noted above you’ve found over the years that some guys are accurate in their projections and some aren’t, as you’re consulting with the accurate guys, then it’s obvious one guy you AREN’T talking to is the guy with the big hair over at ESPN.

  15. In the case anyone is wondering the poster using the name “Wisconsin’s Favorite Son Jeffrey Be Dahmed”
    is a jealous Viking troll. The Vikings suck but they do lead the league in sick twisted mind posts about the Packers.
    I guarantee you Rodgers is just hitting his best years.
    Somewhere down the road Minnesota will get a legitimate NFL franchise.

  16. The real Top 7 (not media driven )

    1. Mahomes/Trubisky (Take your Pick
    3. Chad Kelly
    4. Deshaun Watson
    5. C.J Beathard (Iowa)
    6. Philip Nelson ECU
    7. Deshaun Kizer

  17. Nobody knows how a QB will do in the NFL. You guys keep saying this crop of QBs is garbage, but you would have said the same thing if I put Brady, Flacco, and Dalton up there.

    But all the experts loved Leaf, Russell, Quinn, Clausen, and Leinart.

    A QB can’t win without a good O-line, a running game, and competent WRs.

    I guarantee one of these QBs becomes a pro-bowler.

  18. They said 2005 was a bad draft to select a QB, too.

    Aaron Rodgers is a perennial Pro Bowler and Alex Smith has led several teams to the postseason — the latter with less-than-stellar results, but still…

  19. there are too many variables such as do they go to a defensive minded HC? do they go to a team that nurtures and knows how to get the best out of them? Its too complicated with too many variables and luck involved.

  20. doctorpancake says:
    “Watson is as overhyped as they come.”
    Nick Saban disagrees, but what does he know!?
    Nick Saban knows college QBs. I’ve seen no evidence he knows jack squat about NFL QBs — or anything else NFL.

  21. An argument can be made that if Brady and Joe Montana went to defensive minded staffs or did not fall into the situations they did they would have never even sniffed the amount of success they had..

  22. so basically what it tells you is that some teams actually know how to be a quarterbacks friend as opposed to treating the position as … say any other position when in fact thats not what they should do.

  23. ariani1985 says:
    Apr 15, 2017 7:17 PM
    Jeff, is a truthfull Packer fan, it just he doesn’t live in denial like the rest of turd nation!
    No ariana, Dahmer is actually you and everybody knows it.
    It’s just one of the many aliases you parade around in on this site making unoriginal and insipid comments.

    The fact that you pose as a dead serial killer and still get a handful of troglodytes to give you a “thumbs up”, proves you have the most embarrassing and classless fan base in the NFL.

    But, at least you still have your football team.
    56 years of mediocre/bad football and counting.

  24. Trubisky is Bortles 2.0. In other words he’s a guy who had one good season of work and was overdrafted.

    The best thing that could happen to him is that he falls to round 2 and gets to learn a bit before he plays.

  25. Someone will get a gem in Chad Kelly.. Have patience, let him sit and learn and mature.. He has it all.. Especially Leadership skills.. Tough and the Will To Win.. Ask Nick Sabin.. And his Old Miss coaches..

    With a great locker room mentoring his off field problems will he history.. The first game he throws for 300 plus YDs and 3 Td’s .. Everyone will forget his bar fight.. and other problems magnified by the press..

    I think he will be there at 4 or 5 grab him..

    Hey Vikes are you listening??

  26. As a Jets fan I’m scared shtless that their moron GM (Mike Maccagnan) is going to waste another 1st or 2nd round pick on one of these guys.

    God, please let some other moron team like the Browns or Bears take who ever the Jets want.

  27. The best Qb in the draft is: none of the above.
    Did anyone have prescott as the best QB? How about Wilson?
    You can’t measure grace under pressure, or heart.

  28. The sad part is that absolutely none of the opinions of ‘experts’ or fans matter one bit. The players must have some talent to have any hope at all, and all of them do, but the one factor that really matters is WHERE they go. Coaches, schemes and surrounding players matter much more than any of these opinions. How many guys have you seen unexpectedly bust or flourish? That is mostly about where they go and who they have around them and some of the personality traits/work ethic/learning ability the players have.

  29. Trubisky is not Bortles 2.0 Someone (Dave Caldwell) thought Bortles could play QB in league … Bortles really is a TE…anyways…Trubisky is a natural thrower who consistently throws with anticpation

  30. The best QB in this draft will likely be a mid-round guy that has time to develop with limited pressure (Chad Kelly is a decent bet). The top guys will have expectation that exceed their skills, and likely be on bad teams as they develop.

    Teams like Cleveland and San Francisco would be best served by building their roster and waiting until next year.

  31. I will settle it for everyone.
    Trubisky – Elite Feel for Passing Game, Instincts, Anticipation
    Kizer- Matt Ryan Esque release but is not instinctive enough as a pure passer (Its True)
    Watson Solid Quarterback who makes elite throws but there are questions about his Feel still.

    Chad Kelly – Mathew Stafford on tape with a Meat Head Demeanor off field

    Phil Nelson ECU – Tony Romo with A better arm.

    Brad Kaaya – Difficult Eval as he is very herky jerky with throwing motion

    CJ Beathard Iowa – Elite Release/Arm Instincts. If he lands in QB Centric System he will be starter by 2019

  32. I think Davis Webb’s agent is doing what Jared Goff’s agent did last year: Showing everyone the ASU game tape over and over again. Us Sun Devil fans know how porous that defense is.

  33. Deshaun Watson is by far the best QB in this draft, The 49ers need to take him and insert as starter day 1. Hopefully Shana-rat Jr learned his lesson with RG3 and will teach Watson how to slide and protect himself. I think the kid is a bigger Russell Wilson but we will see if he can be smart about scrambling like russsell. All the other QBs look pretty suspect, especially Trubisky.

  34. Chad Kelly to the Cards in the 7th… The steal of the draft. He is the best qb going pro. Kid can play. Arians will keep him straight and he will flourish in that offense…

  35. j0esixpack says:
    Apr 15, 2017 3:18 PM
    If Garapolo were in this draft with NO NFL experience he’d be right up there with the top of that bunch

    Instead he’s got actual NFL experience plus a few years learning from Brady and Belichick

    PLUS he’s already signed to a cheap contract through this year
    How about actual NFL experience and learning from a future hall of fame qb? That didn’t work well for a Brock Osweiler. If Garapolo can be had for one year on the cheap and has been mentored by Tom and Bill then teams should’ve been all over Matt Cassel.

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