Allen Robinson says he has “earned” a contract extension

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Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson wasn’t eligible for a new contract last year. This year, after a disappointing third NFL campaign, he is.

So far, the Jaguars are waiting. Robinson thinks they shouldn’t.

Robinson said earlier in the offseason that he has “earned” a new contract, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “If we get something done, we do, and if not, I have a big year coming ahead for me and I have an obligation to my teammates to play at a high level.”

Robinson is confident that things will improve in 2017.

“The most frustrating part of [last] year was that I was an improved player coming in,” Robinson said, according to O’Halloran. “I was a better route runner, I thought I was creating more separation. Even though the outcome wasn’t there, I knew that. . . . Now it’s coming in as an even more improved player and having that strain. We have to do it every day and every game.”

After racking up 1,400 receiving yards in 2015, Robinson dipped by more than 500 yards in 2016, even though he had only seven fewer catches (73 versus 80). He also had eight fewer touchdowns, from 14 down to six.

The Jaguars need to make an assessment of Robinson quickly, when playing with the ever-present injury risk makes him more likely to take less than he’d get under the franchise tag or on the open market. If they wait too long, and if he finishes the year healthy and effective, it will cost a lot more than it would before the season starts.

15 responses to “Allen Robinson says he has “earned” a contract extension

  1. He only had three drops in 2016 even though his production was way down in terms of yardage. He probably just didn’t make as many big plays as he did in 2015. This is the last year of a four year deal for $3.5M. He’ll be making nearly $900k this year.

    To be honest, I’d wait to see if he can have the big year he’s talking about. I suspect he wants #1 WR money and I’m not sure he’s worth what he thinks he’s worth. Honestly, since he’s already complaining about a contract I’d pass since he seems to care more about money than producing. If they do want to sign him, I hope they include lots of performance bonuses so he can earn that money through hard work. Otherwise, I get the feeling his production will slip until his next contract year.

  2. The way the jags throw money at free agents it seems stupid to take a take a stand against a homegrown player. It’s not a good look. His dip in production was not on him. Take care of your own Jacksonville.

  3. His struggles can be attributed to the one and only Blake Bortles. Last year, Bortles should have made a leap forward as a QB, but regressed horribly.


    They can’t pass without Bortles turning it over. Reminds of of early career Vinny Testaverde.

    They can’t run with their current crop of RB’s. 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

    They can’t pass protect/run block. Hard to pass/run with defenders in your backfield.

    Not a fan, but Coughlin being there should instill some accountability and toughness within that organization.

  4. Dude is a DIVA. Has a huge ego. Called out fans last season…HELLO YOUR TEAM STUNK…deal with it and shut up. When you win you won’t hear the boos you idiot.

  5. He’s legit pay him now before you have to pay him top5 receiver money. If hes in that 12-14mil range i think you can get a deal done. But if he has a bounce back year where he does 1500 yards then he’s gonna want at least 15mil.

  6. A significant drop means that he wasn’t working since he had only what 5 fewer catches; It wouldn’t suprise me if this guy has a banner year since it is payday! Not uncommon in the NFL To get that one big payday! I would make him earn it

  7. Young guys can’t wait to get paid, and of course there is the ever-present risk of career-ending injury. Yet the window is short, and being impatient will lose him millions in his career. In his situation i would call up Llyod’s of London and insure my future earnings with the biggest policy I could afford. Play like my hair is on fire, then get the BIG deal after a bounce back season that demands I get top dollar.

  8. jaguars have just enough good players that theyre going to start asking for too much money before they can put a cohesive team together

  9. Dude was saddled with horrible QB play last year. Pay him now or watch another team offer him serious money to leave. Serious skills and passion. I would take him on the LAms any day!

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