Happy 65th birthday, Bill Belichick

Getty Images

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has reached what used to be regarded as the universal retirement age, but at 65 as of today the five-time Super Bowl champion (who owns two other rings from his time as an assistant) is showing no signs of slowing down.

Last month, team owner Robert Kraft expressed hope that Belichick’s run with the team, which began in 2000, will last as long as it has if not longer, with Belichick hopefully coaching the team into his 80s. Belichick suggested a more short-term focus in a recent CNBC interview, but he didn’t rule out a long-term continuation of his career.

If he pushes the envelope until as close as possible to the moment arrives to push up daisies, he may have company. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who turned 65 last September, had this to say to PFT Live at the league meetings when hearing of Kraft’s octogenarian optimism for Belichick: “Why stop there?”

The job has obvious physical and mental demands, but Belichick added in his CNBC interview that “it beats working.” If he doesn’t view it as work, and given that it clearly has become a central part of his lifestyle, it’s safe to say he’ll keep going as long as he can.