Branden Albert doesn’t show for launch of Jaguars offseason program

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Mt. Coughlin could soon be erupting.

The new Jaguars executive V.P. of football operations faces the first player-related test of his tenure with the team following the news, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, that left tackle Branden Albert has opted not to show up for the start of offseason workouts, because he wants a new contract.

The Dolphins didn’t want to pay Albert $8.875 million in 2017, prompting them to unload him onto the Jags in exchange for a seventh-round pick in 2018. Albert nevertheless wants the $8.875 million, and more.

The offseason program is voluntary, but for a three-day mandatory minicamp. Teams can’t say or do anything to suggest that the workouts aren’t voluntary. With the NFL Players Association already keeping a close eye on Tom Coughlin (who said last week he plans to monitor the workouts), the union surely will watch and wait to see whether Coughlin or anyone else calls out Albert for choosing not to show up for Phase One, which consists exclusively of strength and conditioning training.

12 responses to “Branden Albert doesn’t show for launch of Jaguars offseason program

  1. Not a great start to a relationship. I hope the Jags put him in his place by not cowtowing to his 32 year old injury prone demands. He’s at best a 1-2 year bandaid. Hes not in any position to be making demands. If he didnt like his deal, he shouldnt have agreed to be traded. Maybe he should’ve saved that $7500 he gave to that couple who left their kids on a mall bench (instead of setting up daycare arrangements) if money is such a dictating factor in his decision making. He’s looking like a headache before even stepping on the field.

  2. Branden taking the me, me, me approach as usual.

    Beware Jags, as soon as you pay him, he will be hurt.

  3. When he was healthy, he was a very solid. Once he would fo down, the O-line was a mess and he needed time to shake the rust off once he returned. He really showed how classy he is once the Dolphins drafted Tunsil and he didn’t talk negative about it. He was a good mentor for Tunsil the one year they were together. I am a little surprised to see hes holding out but I dont blame him. Jags REALLY need a LT and hes probably thinking “hey the jags pay everyone else a boatload so why not get some guaranteed money”.

  4. Even as a Dolphins Fan I could just snicker here, but he is a real Pro and other than injuries (can’t blame him,but still sucks) he will get this worked out and be there for Mandatory Meetings. In the meantime, he has always showed up in shape for the Fins and Chiefs. The Jags should not panic… YET.

  5. The best way to impress prospective employers is to act like a moron.

    Oh wait, …, I think that may be incorrect.

    Let me try again.

    The best way to impress prospective employers is to show up and perform well and not be a head case.

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