Davis Webb’s late climb suggests media is catching up with scouts

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Every year as the draft approaches, one or more players make a late push up the draft board. But in most cases it’s not actually a push up the draft board; it’s the media finally realizing what the teams truly were thinking all along.

Draft experts in the media rely heavily on what they hear from scouts and coaches about who the highest-regarded prospects are, and for good reason. It’s hard to sell to the public that the draft expert is right and 32 teams are wrong. It’s easier to factor what the teams think into what the draft expert thinks.

For weeks, the draft experts had Cal’s Davis Webb in the cut below the consensus (for the media) top four: Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, DeShone Kizer. Webb is now moving higher in the eyes of the media, likely because the media had the top four wrong all along.

Regardless of whether Webb is making a true climb despite most of the hay being in the barn or whether the media is waking up to what it should have known all along, Webb has crashed the party. Whether that means a first-round selection or, more importantly, a successful NFL career is a different proposition.

11 responses to “Davis Webb’s late climb suggests media is catching up with scouts

  1. He took a talentless Cal offense and won 5 games, well over the Vegas over/under of 2.5

    This man deserves all the credit. Makes one wonder if Goff was really all he was hyped up to be

  2. I’m not saying taking a quarterback in the first round is wrong, but imho 1st and 2nd round picks should be able to immediately contribute to your team on the field. You do not take high draft picks to develop them that is what later round draft picks are for. The media and fans will destroy a team if it tries to develop a first or second round pick who was chosen purely on potential and not because they were nfl ready. For example, the Rams took Jared Goff first overall who was not an nfl ready quarterback. Teams are too quick to find a quarterback but it is much more practical to fix the other holes on the roster (offensive line, skill players, secondary, etc) and then go out an grab a quarterback when you need that extra boost to get over the hump. Having a quarterback doesn’t matter if your line can’t pass protect.
    ~Draft Advice from a living room gm

  3. For all you “experts” who don’t draft a QB high to sit and develop him see Rogers, Aaron.

    Seems to me that he has worked out a whole lot better than most of the guys who started right away

    If you don’t have a QB you keep drafting one until you get one and realistically that’s at least 12 teams in the NFL.

  4. magikskillz – I have to disagree with you…a team’s best shot a drafting a QB comes in the 1st or 2nd round. Take a look at last year’s passing stats (I sorted by passing yards). Ofthe top 30 QB’s with the most yards, 17 were drafted in the first round and another 5 in the second round. That is 22/30 QB’s in the top two rounds (much more heavily weighted towards the first round). The remaining 8 came from the other rounds with only one being undrafted – Cousins, Wilson, Prescott, Brady, Siemean, Taylor, Fitzpatrick and Keenum (undrafted). I know this isn’t a “hit/miss ratio” on QB’s taken in the first two rounds, but its clear to me from this that the majority of NFL caliber starting QB’s are drafted in rounds 1 and 2. And for every RG3 (round 1 miss), there isn’t necessarily a Tom Brady (round 6 hit). If I am a NFL GM looking for a rookie to eventually be my guy, I am playing the percentages here and taking one of the top QBs in round 1 or 2.

  5. He took a talentless Cal offense and won 5 games, well over the Vegas over/under of 2.5

    This man deserves all the credit. Makes one wonder if Goff was really all he was hyped up to be

    Goff had better stats all around, won more games and took Cal to a bowl game in 2015 and I know the offensive line was pitiful in 2015. The rushing stats look similar so the only thing that could have been worse for Webb is the receivers. I don’t see any evidence that Webb was better than Goff so I’m not sure why you make the comment. In defense of Webb, the Cal defense was worse which probably explains only 5 wins but that was of no concern in your argument.

  6. I was trying to point more towards teams giving up many picks in order to trade up and draft a developmental quarterback highly. And also I was getting more so that creating a talented roster with a bad quarterback is better than creating a poor roster with a talented quarterback. Never did I say do no draft a quarterback in the first round. I said it is better to develop the rest of roster like the oline first before you worry about how good your quarterback is. Having a talented quarterback doesn’t mean a thing if the rest of the team is trash. If your offensive line can’t protect your quarterback, what difference does it make whether you have sam bradford or shaun hill? My whole point is that the quarterback is the last piece to the puzzle not the first piece.

  7. For people bashing on me. Look at the Colts. Sure Andrew Luck is a good quarterback but the team has a trash offensive line. And the man keeps getting hurt. What good does having a highly touted quarterback do, if he is always on the sideline? That is why I say establish the rest of the team first, or at least establish a quality offensive line and then try to get a quarterback. Now the colts have a very expensive quarterback who they can’t protect. And for those saying Aaron Rodgers well he sat for a 1st round pick but the Packers did not give up a king’s ransom like the Rams did for Jared Goff or the Redskins did for RG3.
    1st/2nd round busts from recent drafts:
    Christian Ponder
    Mark Sanchez
    Johnny Manziel
    Blaine Gabbert
    EJ Manuel
    Geno Smith
    Brandon Weeden
    Brock Osweiler
    Jake Locker
    Jimmy Clauson etc.
    Bottom Line teams like the Browns are bad. The rams and 49ers are just bad teams. Same with the Jets. They need major help on the rosters. These teams are not just missing a quarterback. Getting a Jameis Winston or a Derek Carr will not make them contenders. I know you need a quarterback. But you also need a good overall team. And I personally think having a good overall team with a below average or serviceable quarterback is better than having an above average or good quarterback with a bad overall team.
    Why can you people not understand this…

  8. You can’t just pluck an NFL-ready QB out of the first round of the draft anytime you feel like it. If you don’t have a QB and you think you can draft a guy who will turn into a franchise QB, you do it right now regardless of what other holes you have. There are plenty of teams with good talent but so-so or worse quarterbacks. It’s too hard to find a franchise quarterback to pass on one when you get the chance.

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