Doug Martin reports for start of Buccaneers’ offseason work

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Buccaneers running back Doug Martin is in the middle of an NFL-imposed suspension, but today he’s at work at the team facility.

Martin showed up this morning for the start of offseason work, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

In the final week of the 2016 season, Martin announced that he was entering a treatment facility after he had been suspended four games for testing positive for Adderall. He missed the 2016 season finale and will miss the first three games this season.

But while Martin has to miss four regular-season games, he is allowed to participate in offseason workouts, training camp and preseason games. He plans to do all of that and has started work on the 2017 season today.

5 responses to “Doug Martin reports for start of Buccaneers’ offseason work

  1. I suppose it makes sense for him to be suspended regular season games but its just downright kookie that he is allowed to do all of the off-season and preseason stuff.

    Dude has cash, let him hire a personal trainer. Might as well kick him to the curb the entire time and use it as a lesson to others, get popped for stupid stuff early in the season so you miss a few weeks total instead of getting the zig for 8 months.

  2. Wayne, that is how it works for all suspended players.

    I’m glad he is back. Tampa fans want him gone for the most part, but this is the first time he made a mistake and they are biased for Cook in the draft.

    Martin has moments of greatness, such as two years ago when he was the #2 RB in the NFL. 2 great years, 3 bad years.

    Personally, I think they should keep him and sign Peterson after the draft. Then draft James Conner for a 3rd down, hard hitting guy in the 4th or 5th.

  3. Why don’t the Bucs just re-do his contract and go J.R. Sweezey on him. Offer to play at 3 million a year plus incentives and save that money for all for the contracts coming up?

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