Jack Mewhort sees Colts’ offensive line establishing continuity

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The Colts have the most important position in football covered. It’s the rest of the roster that needs work.

As to the critically important job of keeping the team’s franchise quarterback healthy, the offensive line knows that it needs to do more in 2017. Offensive lineman Jack Mewhort believes it will.

“Continuity is a big thing on the offensive line,” Mewhort told reporters on Monday. “Continuity and then consistency with the guys that you have in there. So once you can establish those two things, I believe you have a chance to have a really good offensive line. I believe we have the talent in that room. And whoever comes in or comes out or leaves, we’re going to make do with whatever we got. Those young guys from last year did a great job and they’re all going to be a year older. So the key is, like I said, to just keep improving every day and not rest on things that you have done. The coaches did a great job stressing that to us – not getting complacent and to keep moving forward. We know we have a lot of room to improve and that’s one of our goals.”

To get there, the offensive linemen for the most part stayed in Indianapolis throughout the offseason, working out together and otherwise spending time together. Will that make a different from September through December?

“Well, you think about the NFL,” Mewhort said. “The stereotypical NFL player is a cool guy that likes to get in warm weather and go to the night clubs. The opposite of that is our offensive line room. We’re all pretty much Midwest guys. Le’Raven [Clark] is a Texas guy, but we don’t have a ton going on socially. So we like to hang out with each other, and we enjoy each other.

“We’re friends, and we’ve been through a lot together just in that year with those young guys. I think we really enjoy being together and laughing and hanging out. I mean that’s all we do. Pretty much laugh, hang out and eat. That’s the gist of it. So, yeah, we enjoy being around each other coming in here every day and pushing each other and kind of establishing that connection so when we go out and hit the field that we kind of have a leg up and we’re able to gel with each other better.”

Whether that helps keep Andrew Luck from getting banged around excessively will be revealed when the time comes to play games that count in less than five months.