Kawann Short gets long-term deal with Panthers

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Well, Kawann Short never signed his franchise tender after all. He didn’t have to.

As the Panthers convene for offseason workouts, the fourth-year defensive tackle and the Panthers have worked out a five-year, $80 million contract.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Short will make $40 million over the first two years of the contract.

So why do the deal now, when the deadline for signing franchise-tagged players to a long-term contract doesn’t arrive until July 15? The Panthers obviously wanted him to be all in for the offseason program, which opens this week.

Short’s deal exceeds the five-year, $75 million contract that cornerback Josh Norman signed a year ago, after the Panthers rescinded the franchise tag and Norman joined Washington.

19 responses to “Kawann Short gets long-term deal with Panthers

  1. Yea baby – love those hog mollies. D – Line looking great this year for the Panthers – Get a DE and more youth in the draft and we will be set for years.


    Famous last words.

    Delusional southeastern pro sports fans. lol

  2. Good feeling to know he’s staying for the long term. Now, to focus on the running back and defensive backfields………..

  3. If they give Short 40 mil guaranteed, what on earth does Lotulelei get? Aaron Donald or Suh money with 50 guaranteed?

    Those are cap hell-type moves.

    Carolina needs to deal Lotoulelei now.

  4. Pass rushing three techniques make more money than double team eating nose tackles. Lotulelei won’t make as much as Short. It’s not because he isn’t a very good player, it’s because of the role that he plays.

  5. There is only so much money to go around. Roger (there is no D) Goodell has biased the offense. Unless he is getting 10+ sacks a year or a top tier coverage guy, he is not worth it. I am not questioning his talent, but the value of the position.

  6. Pass rushing three techniques make more money than double team eating nose tackles. Lotulelei won’t make as much as Short. It’s not because he isn’t a very good player, it’s because of the role that he plays.


    Umm, watch football much?

    Short isn’t considered as good without Lotulelei next to him, so somehow Short deserves more money?

    Are you insane?

    Donald and Lotulelei are the best DTs in the game at the moment.

    Suh’s contract is wildly ridiculous and will keep Miami in cap hell for years, but this means Gettleman needs to deal Lotulelei in order to avoid cap hell.

    We’ll so how good Short is with Lotulelei to be dealt (or walk after 2017 with someone paying him big time money), with the spotlight on him as well.

    Gettleman makes one good decision and then a bad one. They should have given that money to the superior player and dealt Short.

  7. Good move by the Panthers! It shows their front office understands that you win games in the trenches and that sometimes when you have a good player, you have to pay them (or someone else will).

  8. 2 reasons Short got an extension and Norman did not. First, the Panthers value DL and the middle of the D more than the CBs. Second, and more important, the Panthers value team players and good attitude.

  9. Lol to the guy that mentioned Benjamin’s future salary. There’s no way Carolina or any team gives him a cap busting salary.
    Well, okay maybe the Browns or some bottom feeder team.

  10. Wow seems like an over-pay for an above average (at best) player who has a lazy streak. Oh well, like the Cardinals, you’ve got to spend it on somebody I guess. Congrats to the guy!

  11. This is a good move and a good story. I just love how the fan trolls of losing teams come here and bash other teams. (tylawspick6 #loser!)

    BTW, don’t know structure, so “cap hit” isn’t known now.

  12. 2 years, 40 million dollars?

    I thought the carrot was supposed to be at the end of the contract, not the beginning.

    I would guess, he’ll vastly underperform this contract, but it would be hard not to.

  13. I’m not all that worried about the structure. Getting $40M in the first 2 years with 3 more years after that gives room for 2-3 restructure deals, each tacking a new year to the end of the deal. Flexibility for the team long-term, Fletcher Cox money for the player in the short term. Everybody wins.

    FYI, for those that think Star is the better player and last year’s not-as-good stats prove Short is lazy – Short is the one that had 11 sacks in 2015, and poor play from our DEs at the start of last season made it easier to double-team Short. The whole D-line picked up its play once Mario Addison really got rolling and Ealy got benched again.

    We still need a young edge rusher to replace Peppers when he retires in February, but other than that we are set at D-line. We desperately need another guy on O-line, but I like the makeup of this team. #KeepPounding

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