Report: 49ers, Bears “most antsy” to trade down in first round


Last year saw each of the first two picks in the draft get traded ahead of the start of the first round, but it doesn’t look like we’re in store for a repeat of that this year.

If the teams in those slots get their way, however, we could see the second and third picks get traded. Peter King of reports that the 49ers, who pick second, and the Bears, who pick third, are among the “most antsy” to trade down in the first round of the draft. The Jets, who pick sixth, join them in that group.

49ers General Manager John Lynch has already said the team is “open for business” and we’d guess the other two teams have sent a similar message even if they haven’t made it public. King also reports that the other side of the market hasn’t developed as few teams want to move up. Assuming the Browns take Myles Garrett with the first pick, King writes that “there’s about 15 other players who could be number two on 32 draft boards” and that likely lessens the pressure felt and the compensation offered by teams trying to get to No. 2.

It only takes one team to shake up that scenario, of course, and that’s especially true if someone falls in love with a quarterback that they want to ensure winds up on their roster on April 27.

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  1. There is a disconnect here – I think that a lot of these (new) GM’s see a few draft trades in the past that moved a whole bunch of high value draft picks and think its the norm – its not.

    Look at some of the successful drafting teams in the league and learn that its a bunch on incremental moves that add a later round pick here and there, etc, building draft stock. Once you have the draft stock in place, it becomes easier to move picks because there is value in flexibility.

    It seems like these guys are just saying I have the #2 or # 3 pick, etc, give me a boatload for it. Sorry, it rarely works that way.

    Build thru depth, build thru a bunch of low level moves and then when the higher value trades do come around, then these teams will be in a better position to make the moves that they want. Its all about patience, which some of these guys don’t have.

  2. Garrett is the Cream of crop. Then there’s 5 really good players after. Then there’s everyone else. Garrett has some bust potential written on him. I think Thomas is the safer pick.

  3. Jerry Rice in retirement going around telling everyone that will listen to him just how great he was. Okay Fifi, time to get a new hobby.

  4. In the past decade, every top 3 pick has either passed the ball (QB), protected the guy who passes the ball (LT), or tried to sack the guy passing the ball (OLB/DE/DT), aside from when the Browns picked Trent Richardson.

    There is only one blue chip player who fits that description, Myles Garrett. The other blue chip player plays safety (Jamal Adams). Then all bunched together are 7 players: Malik Hooker, Solomon Thomas, Jonathan Allen, Marshon Lattimore, OJ Howard, Rueben Foster, and Leonard Fournette (in that order on my board)

    So yea, of course SF, CHI, and NYJ all want to trade down. Picks 2-9 are basically the same graded player. Unfortunately you need someone who wants to trade up. If SF or CHI can get either a 2nd rounder or pair of 3rd to move back a half dozen spots, they should take it – “draft value chart” be damned.

  5. Absolutely we should be eager to maximize the value of this pick by trading down. This draft may not have a clear number two pick but it is one of the deepest drafts I have ever seen… So more picks is ideal in a draft where you could land year one starters in round three.

  6. A lot of Niner fans want Wess, and as much as his stock has gone up since he declared, you can’t take him at number two overall. This might be an indication that the Niners want him too, and are willing to move down to do it. I say willing because this draft isn’t really top heavy at all so moving down will definitely be taking a loss compared to most drafts.

  7. Fill your team needs and not this best player at any position baloney. Pace is worried as he has not shown any true greatness in his first 2 draft sessions. the higher the pick the more spotlight there will be on his choice. and the Bears have so many holes to fill.

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