Reports: Garry Gilliam signs offer sheet with 49ers

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There might yet be movement in restricted free agency this offseason.

According to multiple reports, the San Francisco 49ers signed restricted free agent tackle Garry Gilliam to an offer sheet on Monday. Per Sheil Kapadia of, the offer is a one-year contract worth $2.2 million with $1.4 million guaranteed.

The Seattle Seahawks had placed an original round tender on Gilliam prior to the start of free agency that’s worth $1.797 million. However, that tender comes with no guaranteed money. The Seahawks will have five days to match the offer from San Francisco. If they fail to match, they would receive no compensation from the 49ers as Gilliam was initially an undrafted free agent signing by Seattle in 2014.

Gilliam has started 29 games for Seattle over the last two seasons at right tackle. He was benched in November and was inactive for two games before regaining his starting job in December. While Gilliam would be the only returning player with experience starting at right tackle for Seattle, it would seem unlikely the Seahawks would match the 49ers offer.

The only other player to sign an offer sheet this offseason was Buffalo Bills center Ryan Groy.

Groy signed a two-year, $5 million offer sheet with the Los Angeles Rams in March. However, the Bills matched the offer to keep Groy in Buffalo.

10 responses to “Reports: Garry Gilliam signs offer sheet with 49ers

  1. Oh pft, you owe me this one.
    Niners fans, you’ve been bashing Seattle for its excuse of a offensive line for months. Weak, pathetic, garbage.
    Now you stolen a swing tackle 1.4 guaranteed. 2.2 total.

    Replaced by an undrafted basketball player. Benched multiple times for bad effort.

    So 3-13 is the new goal?

  2. Gilliam never really grew as a player in the Seahawks sceme. Maybe this is for the best as the Seahawks seem to plan on moving Ifedi to RT anyway

  3. Not a bad signing for an experienced O-tackle. One year deal so no long term financial commitment.

    I like how Lynch is putting this team together. It finally feels like the 9ERS are building something with hope. With Baalke it felt like we were hopeless as he stood around with his thumb up his @#$.

    Not Super Bowl bound by any means but definitely feel like we have hope since Harbaugh left the building.

  4. Not sure the Seahawks will want a non-starting player with that kind of guaranteed money. Until the details of the SF offer are reviewed by the front office, I guess we won’t know. I trust in them to make the right decision, either way.

    However, Good move by Gilliam to get the offer. Wonder if he realizes they have State income taxes in CA?

  5. Two years ago Seattle lets him go, but after the year they had last year it seems very unlikely Seattle doesn’t match. Unless they really view Gilliam as a non-entity, it’ll be worth it to keep him just to project to the team and the fans that have depth and consistency on the line.

  6. Let the Santa Clara’s have him. Addition by subtraction. I’d say weaken our opponent by giving them our garbage but the Santa Clara’s are already a dumpster fire and an irrelevant franchise.

    They hate us cuz they ain’t us.

    Go Hawks!

    Hawks up 20-11. With a 7 game winning streak. And an NFC Championship victory.

  7. Good move, squeezing the salary cap space of the Seahawks. I think the Sea Cucumbers will be forced to match the offer. If not, they will now have a player learning a new position or they will have to replace him with a free agent or a draftee. Gilliam knows that be will get a lot of rest on the bench for a cool $2 mil with the 9ers or get a nice raise with his old team.

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